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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
March 2, 2010

5-HTP is a natural mood lifting ingredients otherwise known as griffonia simplificolia. It has been commonly used in a number of different diet pills, and they claim that 5-HTP will give you greater results, some would say in increasing serotonin and therefore suppress appetite, and others would describe other benefits. So with 5-HTP, in so many ways, it depends on who you are talking to.

So how does it work? There is no scientific evidence as to how it works. However, 5-HTP does work apparently as a natural mood lifter. It works as a mild antidepressant, helping people to feel better and get through their day at a better rate. There have been some antidepressants on the prescription market that have recently started trials for weight loss. But none of those trials have yet been completed.

With this in mind, 5-HTP does not actually promote weight loss. The FDA trials are obviously going to take longer and otherwise. But the studies on 5-HTP are fairly easy. It has only been shown to lift mood. 5-HTP has never actually been shown to promote weight loss. So while we don’t have a problem with using 5-HTP. It just shouldn’t be used in place of real weight loss ingredients.

It can quite easily be used as a complimentary ingredient, and many have. But you have to have other ingredients that do promote weight loss in the right amounts. You have to fulfill the basic requirements of a weight loss supplement as a whole, and then you can start looking into the complimentary and extra ingredients such as this.

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Kendra | August 22, 2010
It Works!

I noticed, when I take it once in the morning before breakfast, I’m not hungry for a long time. That grumpy, irritable feeling that I normally get when I wait to eat too long is not present. It satiates until I can eat and then to regulate I would take another one before I go to bed. This helps because I can faithfully follow a diet WITH exercise and lose weight respectively. ;)

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