7-Keto Reviews

Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
March 2, 2010

If you want to optimize your physique, you need to build muscle and burn fat. 7-Keto is a popular weight loss ingredient that might do both.

What Are the Benefits of 7-Keto?

7-Keto seems to have a positive influence on metabolism. People take it when they want to speed up their metabolism and burn more calories. 7-Keto might also increase heat production, which can promote weight loss.

Many people use 7-Keto because they believe that it improves lean muscle mass, builds muscle, increases thyroid gland activity, enhances memory, boosts immunities, and slows aging.

The Facts About 7-Keto

7-Keto is a byproduct of the DHEA chemical found in your body. DHEA is a hormone produced by a gland near your kidneys; but unlike its parent, 7-Keto is not a hormone. It is a naturally produced substance that seems to be effective for increasing metabolism. Developing research does show that 7-Keto might significantly help obese women lose weight and fat.

However, research on the other benefits of 7-Keto is either not conclusive or there’s not enough of it. The good news is that research is underway and more conclusive information will be available in the future.

Is 7-Keto Safe?

7-Keto appears to be safe. There are not significant reports of side effects experienced by people supplementing with this ingredient.

Keep in mind, that lack of research on 7-Keto is one reason why the ingredient might appear to be safe. Future research may confirm that the ingredient is safe to use or it might reveal that there actually are some concerns surrounding 7-Keto. Since it is a natural ingredient that your body is already familiar with, 7-Keto should be safe to take in reasonable amounts.

Our Opinion

7-Keto is a worthwhile weight loss ingredient because it does have the ability to increase metabolism. There’s not enough research for us to conclude that it will promote muscle growth, but you can use it to burn fat.

7-Keto can be found by itself in supplement form or in weight loss supplements and fat burners. It will produce the most benefits if you combine it with proper diet and regular workouts.

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