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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
October 10, 2010

AcaiTrim is built to help you to control your appetite and increase your ability to burn fat. When you use AcaiTrim, you will be better able to support your natural metabolism, mental function, and alertness. AcaiTrim utilizes a vegetarian formula, which can make it more accessible to more individuals and help to boost the function of your immune system.

Though the overall function of the body is key to improving health and the ability to stay focused on tasks and energized in workouts, there are certain factors that affect weight loss more than others.

When you use AcaiTrim, you will get a number of sources of natural vitamins, minerals, and omega fatty acids, and it helps you in many other ways to get the prized superfruits and nutrient sources. The manufacturers say that AcaiTrim will help you to achieve the most aggressive approach to weight loss results without complications or side effects. These effects would be wonderful as long as they are true. Let’s look closer at how this weight loss supplement works.

How Does AcaiTrim Work?

AcaiTrim ingredients include green tea and acai blends these two ingredients to maximize benefits as naturally as possible. The many benefits of Green Tea are so prevalent that it is included in many different types of supplements. Green tea can help you to burn more fat and achieve certain antioxidant benefits.

When you use the clinically proven amounts, you will find that green tea can help you to achieve substantially better weight loss results. Green tea is commonly used along with caffeine in more energy supplements to support the effects of caffeine.

While this can help to increase energy and prolong the amount of time you can work out without wearying, it may have adverse affects on certain individuals.

Acai has been lauded as a superfruit because of the amount of antioxidants and number of functions it performs. While acai can give you vitamins, minerals, and other varied nutrients, it does not actually help you to achieve better weight loss. Taking it in supplements or as a whole berry can help the body to absorb nutrients, which may also increase energy and overall body function, but does not directly result in weight loss.

Should You Use AcaiTrim?

AcaiTrim talks about many different results and benefits. When it comes to AcaiTrim, you will find that you get clinically proven ingredients that naturally combine to increase energy and ability to stay focused as you work out. One drawback of AcaiTrim is that you do not get the clinically proven amounts of green tea necessary for better results.

Unfortunately, you do not get any other ingredients that would help you to see any better results. Because of short list of ingredients, as well as their inability to directly influence weight loss, we recommend looking elsewhere for a supplement to help you bulk up muscle or lose weight.

Though these ingredients do not help AcaiTrim to fulfill its advertised function, it is important to keep in mind that many other nutritional benefits can be had from ingredients like Acai and Green Tea, so adding them into your diet may be beneficial for your overall health.

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2.0 / 5.0


Shannon | September 5, 2012
side effects?

I just started taking the Aci Trim and the first day i took 1 balet I was very shaky and had the feeling that i was in fast forward for about 2 hours ….is that normal?

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