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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
January 28, 2012

Today, life if full of frustrations, deadlines, and demands. Sometimes these things can make you stressed. Stress makes you irritable, angry, moody, agitated, overwhelmed, and even depressed.

If you are experiencing any of these signs of stress, you may want to consider taking something that can help you deal with that stress.

Multivitamin supplements designed to handle stress can be very beneficial for you if you suffer from too much stress.

There is one multivitamin supplement, in particular, that claims it can help you with your constant battle with stress. It is called Adrenal Strength.

Adrenal Strength claims it can help your adrenal gland function properly to help your body get the hormones it needs, such as cortisol, to help keep you in balance. If your body is balanced, you will not feel the side effects of stress.

To see if Adrenal Strength can really help you combat your stress, we need to take a glance at the ingredients in Adrenal Strength.

How Does Adrenal Strength Work?

Adrenal Strength combines all of its 100% whole food nutrients, organic herbs, and antioxidants together to give you the best possible stress free results.

Vitamin C- boosts your immune system.

Pantothenic Acid- helps your body turn fat into energy effectively.

Magnesium- helps your muscles and nerves to relax.

Potassium- reduces your risk of high blood pressure.

Anti-Stress Blend- increases your energy, prevents sickness, supports longevity, and helps your body fight off stress and fatigue.

Restorative & Strengthening Complex- helps lower your blood pressure, strengthens your immune system, keeps your blood sugar levels healthy and helps your heart.

Adrenal & Endocrine Replenishing Blend- helps reduce your cholesterol levels, increases your insulin sensitivity, and helps get rid of gas.

Protective Phenolic Fruit Concentrate- can help increase your cognitive skills, help you manage your weight, boost your immune system, and prevent UTI’s (urinary tract infections)

Is Adrenal Strength Safe?

According to Mega Food (the makers of Adrenal Strength), Adrenal Strength is safe. There have not been any negative side effects reported for Adrenal Strength.

However, there have been many different customer reviews that stated that Adrenal Strength didn’t do a thing for them. In fact, there were absolutely no side effects for Adrenal Strength-positive or negative.

Adrenal Strength Price and Return Policy

Adrenal Strength is really pricey for a multivitamin supplement. The retail price for Adrenal Strength is $77.50. Whoa. Who would actually pay that much for a multivitamin?

There is no return policy for Adrenal Strength. This is a real bummer because if you are not satisfied with your results, like a lot of customers were, you will not be able to return Adrenal Strength for your money back. You are out $77.50.

We do not think it is worth it to purchase a multivitamin supplement that does not come with a return policy.

Adrenal Strength Final Thoughts

Our final thought for Adrenal Strength are we do not think Adrenal Strength is the best multivitamin you can get.

There are just too many negatives for Adrenal Strength. These negatives are Adrenal Strength has not been proven to work, Adrenal Strength is expensive, Adrenal Strength does not come with a return policy, and Adrenal Strength has not been rated very high by the customers who have used it.

If you want a multivitamin supplement that has been highly rated and clinically proven to work at an affordable price, your should check out some of the top rated multivitamin supplement on this website. We think you might like them.

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Sherri | December 23, 2014

Great Product, but I was wondering why I was soooooo relaxed. Turns out after putting my reading glasses on AND using a magnifying glass… The instructions said to take 2 tablets a day…NOT 2 tablets twice a day! You could try making such important information actually readable on the label! Great product just poor labelling!

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