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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
March 14, 2011

Alpha One is part of a dying breed of supplements. This is because it’s actually a prohormone, a precursor to anabolic steroids.

Prohormones and designer steroids usually hit the market for very short periods of time until they are discontinued, and Alpha One is no different.

It first came onto the scene in 2009, and as a “one run” product, the supply was quickly depleted. However, if you’re interested in Alpha One and do some investigating, you can find some vendors online that still carry the product.

Before you hit the Web, however, let’s look over the facts behind Alpha One—the history, the plan of action, the ingredients, and any known side effects associated with this product.

Alpha One History

Normally, the history of a company and a product doesn’t do much to persuade potential customers one way or the other, but in the case of one-off prohormones, it becomes important.

Alpha One debuted from Competitive Edge Labs in 2009 as almost a direct copy of 2005’s Legal Gear, which was discontinued in 2006. While Legal Gear was effective, it quickly shut down production after rumors that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration was considering cracking down on Legal Gear for its strong effects.

As a clone of Legal Gear, Alpha One likely carries the same effectiveness as well as the same concerns.

Alpha One Ingredients

As a powerful prohormone, Alpha One’s basic purpose is to help users gain impressive muscle size and strength over the course of each cycle. It uses a potent molecular compound that is unsuited for people beginning their first cycle of steroids—instead, manufacturers recommend that beginners get one or two cycles of a less intense prohormone under their belt before starting with Alpha One.

That said, Alpha One contains just one active ingredient—Methyl-1-Etiocholenolol-Epietiocholanolone.

Also known as Methyl 1-Alpha, this compound is processed by the liver and then affects the endocrine system to create more testosterone. This puts a new rush of the hormone into your body, increasing muscle production and strength.

That means you’ll get more time in at the gym, bigger muscle pumps, and some quick and impressive gains in size.

Other inactive ingredients include cellulose and gelatin.

Alpha One Side Effects

Because of the strain on the liver, Methyl 1-Alpha is one of the harshest compounds you can obtain over the counter. While you’ll definitely see muscle gain, it has also been associated with a whole host of negative side effects.

These include: high blood pressure and lipid values, increased cholesterol levels, and a compromised endocrine system.

In fact, the side effects are so extreme that Alpha One recommends buying post-cycle therapy supplements to help your body recover.

Our Recommendation

Prohormone supplements come and go quickly for a reason—they’re unsafe. While you’ll definitely see the increased muscle gain and pumps you’re looking for, Alpha One will also compromise your body and leave you strung out, without control to create testosterone independently.

If you’re willing to take these risks, however, we recommend you take some additional supplements to counteract the possible negative effects. Herbal products like hawthorn berry, milk thistle, and NAC will help to support liver health and regulate your blood pressure.

Because Alpha One is discontinued, prices on the limited amount of the supplement are high. You can get one bottle on Amazon for $85.00. Overseas, prices are less exorbitant, but you’ll have to pay additional shipping charges.

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