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anabolic prescription
Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
December 5, 2011

Too many products are using athletes to market their products. One of the latest hormone supplements out there is called Anabolic Prescription and it uses athletes like rookie running back Ryan Williams to draw consumers in.

Interestingly, Ryan Williams hasn’t played a down in a regular season NFL game which kind of defeats the purpose of using him as a marketing tool.

Anabolic Prescription is made by Rivalus and isn’t actually a prescription at all. It is a muscle growth stack that combines two Rivalus products into one in order to create functional muscle gains fast and increase recovery, growth and aggression, accorging to the makers.

Rather than getting caught up in the advertising, we are going to look closer at Anabolic Prescription and do our best to evaluate the two products that make this muscle growth stack.

Under the Hood

The two hormone supplements that are combined to create Anabolic Prescription are called Enpulse and Helix-24. They are both made by Rivalus and are said to have a synergistic effect that is stronger than when the supplements are taken alone. Manufacturers back up this claim with tests done by their own team, so there is no way to confirm this effect.

Empulse Ingredients

Empulse contains vitamin B6 which has been known to increase androgen levels. Androgen is a precursor to testosterone. Other ingredients in Empulse include magnesium, zinc, and vitamin D which are all considered natural testosterone stimulants.

What we aren’t able to fully research are the remaining ingredients in Empulse: Endogenix, TGFase and FreeTest. These are patented ingredients and have no official tests, casting a shadow of doubt on this muscle-building formula. Since we don’t know what’s inside, we cannot tell the safety, reliability, or effectiveness of this supposedly revolutionary formula.

Helix-24 Ingredients

Helix-24 contains a propriety blend that is designed to activate processes that trigger dramatic increases in muscle size and strength. The blend consists of 2-methylguanidino ethanoate, 2-amino-3 hydroxyphenol, and 2-methyl-4-hydroxybutanoate. The blend of ingredients has been shown to increase testosterone and maintain muscle mass, so no worries there.


Anabolic Prescription contains ingredients that have been shown to work and can increase your testosterone levels. It is completely legal, so if you are training for an athletic event, you are perfectly fine taking Anabolic Prescription.


While there are ingredients that have been tested and shown to increase testosterone levels, there are other ingredients that we know little about and have to go off of their own claims. Since there is no money-back guarantee, this can be a little bit risky, especially if you pay full price ($174.99) for a box.

While you may get amazing muscle-building results, are you willing to blow your money on a potential placebo?


It is hard to recommend a product we know little about. When we see athletes on the front page of the website to market a product, the first thing we think about it the price of the product increasing to pay for their sponsorship. Be cautious of Anabolic Prescription; you may just be paying for fancy advertising and nothing else.

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