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Marissa Taylor
By Marissa Taylor
March 9, 2012

Are you ready for “A New Generation in Men’s Sexual Health?” So begins the marketing campaign for Argi-Vive III a male enhancement product that promises to return to your arsenal:

1. Increased lust and sexual desire!
2. Improved energy levels and stamina!
3. Hard, reoccurring erections that are always ready and—
4. A fully functioning reproductive system!

Whether you’re a man struggling with sexual libido, or unable to gain and maintain a rock hard erection, Argi-Vive III wants to help you—particularly if experience is the only advantage that comes with your age!

But can you really “reclaim what’s rightfully yours—a satisfying and exciting sex life” with Argi-Vive III, or are you heading for disappointment?

Before you invest, wants to “expose” the truth behind Argi-Vive III.

Argi-Vive III’s Ingredient Arsenal

Argi-Vive III uses 3,000 mg of L-Arginine to naturally boost nitric oxide levels which relax blood capillaries in the tissues of your manhood. This action allows for greater blood flow so you can achieve the hard erection you desire.

Panex Ginseng is also offered as a favored Asian herb to improve desire, libido, energy and stamina. And Panex Ginseng is also thought to heighten levels of nitric oxide naturally.

Catuaba Bark has been used by the Brazilians for centuries for its ability to improve sexual function and erection power.

Epimedium is also known as “Horny Goat Weed” and is hailed as a natural aphrodisiac, increasing sexual appetite.

Muira Puama is thought by Amazonian natives to improve sexual prowess. Scientists today are finding it contains long chain fatty acids which can help promote sexual desire and stamina.

The Ashwagandha Plant is thought by the Chinese to be one of the most potent natural aphrodisiacs in the world. It supports healthy cardiovascular function and greater physical stamina.

And finally Gotu Kola is thought to dilate blood vessels in the penis, improving circulation and blood flow.

Argi-Vive III seems to have it all, but does it? Keep reading…

How Well Does Argi-Vive III Work?

For improved blood flow, Argi-Vive III’s 3,000 mg offering of L-Arginine will get the job done. The other ingredients are thrown into a disappointing “350 mg Proprietary Blend.”

Let’s just put it this way—when you’re tossing six ingredients into a tiny blend like that, you’re quite simply not getting enough.

Is Argi-Vive III a Pill?

No, Argi-Vive III is delivered in “packets” that you mix with water. This is a good delivery speed-wise as the formulation is immediately absorbed in the blood stream.

Two packets a day is the recommended dose.

How Much is Argi-Vive III, and Can I Get my Money Back?

One Packet (one month supply)=$49.95
Buy Two Packets, Get One Free=$69.95
Three Packets, Get Three Free=$99.95

But you receive the best deal when you sign up for a monthly “autoship program” paying only $19.95 per month. (Don’t do it!)

Argi-Vive III comes with a full, 60-day money-back guarantee. Send any used portions and free boxes to receive all your funds back, minus shipping cost.

Should I Buy Argi-Vive III?

We appreciate the manufacturer disclosing full ingredient dosages for Argi-Vive III, and its powder fast-acting delivery. Unfortunately 3,000 mg’s of Arginine may help with erectile difficulties—but it won’t prove very effective alone.

And the other ingredients in Argi-Vive III are in too low a count to do much of anything.

We recommend one of these top-rated male enhancement supplements instead.

Aren’t you glad you did your homework?

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