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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
February 9, 2010

Developed and manufactured by MuscleMeds, Arimatest is testosterone booster is said to have superior hormone increasing power made possible through “the utilization of advanced anti-aromatase bioactives provided in the unique patent-pending FASTSORB delivery tablet.”

Manufacturers assert that it has the unique ability to “rapidly and dramatically increase free testosterone while eliminating estrogen through aromatase inhibition.”

What does this mean for you?

In theory, Arimatest will provide an increase in power and stamina for workouts and muscle building. However, we can’t help but wonder if this “cutting-edge” formula is as advanced as it seems.

Let’s take a closer look at the real science behind Arimatest to discover the truth.

How Does it Work?

According to a CLINICAL PHARMOCOLOGY post that can be found on most sites where this product is sold “The Arimatest ingredients work synergistically to rapidly inhibit action of the endogenous aromatase enzymes of the P450 cytochrome family, thereby blocking the conversion of androstenedione and testosterone into estrogen.

Aromatase enzymes are found in many tissues throughout the body including muscle, testicles, brain, adipose fat, blood vessels and skin. Arimatest’s anti-aromatase activity causes a dramatic increase in total testosterone and free testosterone.”

Ingredient Information

From what we can see, there is a lot of talk but real evidence of Armatest’s effectiveness. Despite vague references to clinical studies and established research documentation, Arimatest lacks the necessary ingredients to significantly boost testosterone.

The ingredients found in a single Arimatest tablet are listed as Dihydrotase (astaxanthin), Saw Palmetto Extract, and 7-Armitase Methylated Flavone (7-Methoxyflavone).

Saw Palmetto, although it’s a popular ingredient in male enhancement products, has very little effect on testosterone, and as for Dihydrotase? It’s little more than an antioxidant.

7-Methoxyflavone appears to have some definite potential as a testosterone booster and aromatase inhibitor, and according to a studied published in the Journal of steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, “7- Methoxyflavone are much more resistant to metabolism” and “appear to have great potential as cancer chemopreventative/chemotherapeutic agents.”

Unfortunately this ingredient has not yet been standardized, so it is unknown whether or not Arimatest is providing consumers with the correct amount of 7-Methoxyflavone or simply adding it to the formula to look good on the label.

What Do Consumers Think?

This product has a rather lackluster consumer review history, at least in the customer opinions we came across. Many stated that this product did little to help them and others have even stated that Arimatest has been sued (or at least should be) for falsely advertising that their product would give users an unprecedented (and preposterous) 10,000 percent testosterone boost.

At any rate, even the individuals that seemed to gain some results from this product have referred other consumers to less expensive versions.

What Do We Think?

We have to say that we agree with the overall consumer opinion. Arimatest may look like it’s cutting-edge, but with only 3 ingredients (2 of which don’t actually boost testosterone), it’s hard to think that this product will produce any worthwhile results. We feel that it’s better to invest in a more reliable formula with clinically researched ingredients rather than an experimental one that only looks like it’s top of the line.

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Community Rating:
4.3 / 5.0


Brian | April 17, 2014

Can I take this product while taking endothil cr preworkout powder???

Yes, I recommend this product

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jared rennick | March 18, 2011

stacking this and oxyelite will def help u cut for summer… as for putting on size not the best stack! but u wont loose any muscle mass.. oxyelite does not burn any muscle and the armitest u help build lean muscle

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ray | March 17, 2011

So what a good workout plan to go with this stuff Im new to it only been on it for 2 days now

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ray coleman | March 17, 2011
Workout plan

ive been on arimatest for two days now…i need a good workout to go with it Im stacking it w/ oxyelite pro (suggested for weightloss and muscle gain by GNC rep)am I on the right track or what? Help me out

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Cody b | March 17, 2011

I have been on armitest for about 2 weeks now. I can definitely tell a big difference in the gym it seems like with every workout I get stronger. It also gives me more energy and a higher sex drive which is also good. I have nothin to say but good things about the product. And anyone who’s actually tried it will say the same.

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Jeff Miller | August 28, 2010
Great Stuff!!!

Other than it being on the expensive side….this stuff is the bomb,it gives me boosts at the gym like steroids with out the mood swings…I love taking Arimatest and will continue to keep on taking it for as long as I keep on working out!

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Jenny | July 28, 2010

I am a woman. Yes I bet no one here will ever find this review useful, but here it is. I have severe breast tenderness caused by an imbalance of hormones. I also have mood swings and major PMS and PMDD throughout the month. I have taken 10 tabs of Arimatest so far and let me tell you: No breast tenderness or pain, no moodiness, just normal. I feel great. I have taken countless prescriptions, but nothing works like upping my T levels OTC. And I don’t see a drop in voice or any extra hair. Thank you Arimatest.

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dan956 | July 21, 2010

i been taking them for 2 days idk how long it takes to work but if some one can give me more info just email me i need more info of this product

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Mark Gurowicz of New York, USA | August 30, 2009
Better then I Thought

I love this product currently still one the first case (comes with two) LOVE it. I work out 5xs a week and while on this I see my size, strength, and total body comming together. As of right now this is in my opion, the best legal stuff you can get. It says to take two I take 3 one in the morning, before I workout and one before bed.

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Tony of Illinois, USA | April 1, 2009
Not So Great

So I used Arimatest for about 2 months and I would give this product just an average rating. Nothing spectacular here. I have been lifting most of my adult life and consider myself a hard gainer. I gained about 4-5 pounds while on this product but I was also taking creatine, protein shakes, pre-workout drinks. I did notice one negative side affect. Decreased Libido. I have virtually no sex drive during the time I took this product. After being off it for a couple weeks now the sex drive is returning!

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Lance Sengvixay of Georgia, USA | January 25, 2009

I will turn 66 this year. At my age, estrogen levels increase and testosterone levels decrease. The increase in estrogen causes the penis size to shrink (penis atrophy). (No man wants that!) Arimatest blocks the estrogen and prevents/stops the atrophy process. Also, I am noticing huge gains in weightlifting strength, muscle size and vascular increases after only two weeks of using the product. I highly recommend it for seniors over 60.

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RON of Arizona, USA | December 26, 2008

I’ve tried many test/gh supplements in the past and none have worked. Yeah I know I’m young and thats part of the reason. I’m big on great bulk diet, BCAAS, and old school training. This stuff worked so well that I actaully developed two faint (red-blochy0 hormone spots on my forehead. But remember its all about eating at the right times and training right. If you need to train 2 body parts for more than 1 hour or so your not training right. Don’t read pro routines casue they’re on steroids and eat right. I’m 6.0″ 200lbs 10% fat

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