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arnold iron cuts
Brian Green
By Brian Green
September 19, 2013

Arnold Schwarzenegger is back with a new line of supplements from Muscle Pharm.

Arnold Iron Cuts is featured in the premiere line up and is designed to be a 3-in-1 fat metabolizing and cutting agent.

Set to be released worldwide on September 25, 2013, Arnold Iron Cuts and the rest of the Arnold product line are keeping the supplement world buzzing in anticipation. But what do we know about Arnold Iron Cuts so far?

Arnold Schwarzenegger Speaks Out

Arnold Schwarzenegger is perhaps one of the most recognizable personalities in the body building world. He’s won the Mr. Universe, Mr. World, and Mr. Olympia titles.

In a press release Schwarzenegger said, “I’ve been on a crusade to promote fitness for more than four decades. That has led to the largest health and fitness convention in the world, six books, seminars all over the globe, and visits to all 50 states as chairman of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness. This vitamin and supplement line is the next step.”[1]

Behind Arnold Iron Cut’s Formula

Arnold Iron Cuts supposedly increases thermogenesis and metabolizes fat.

According to advertisements, Arnold Iron Cut’s formula “contains precise rations of active ingredients to support optimal levels of testosterone, estrogen and cortisol to give that harder, dryer, leaner look!”

There are three blends in Arnold Iron Cuts: Thermogenic & Fat Metabolizer (930 mg), Muscle Building Maximizer (900 mg), and Estrogen and Cortisol Metabolizer (383 mg).

There are too many ingredients in Arnold Iron Cuts to list here, but I took a quick glance at some of the most potent.

Green tea contains catechins that affect fat storage and cholesterol. In one clinical study, 625 mg green tea improved weight loss and body composition in participants.[2] The amount of green tea in Arnold Iron Cuts is unavailable at this time.

Caffeine increases mental focus and energy. A registered dietician with Mayo Clinic states theoretic benefits of caffeine include appetite suppression, calorie burning, and water loss.[3]

No more than 200 mg is suggested. While the amount of caffeine is unlisted, the amount of caffeine, combined with caffeine in green tea, most likely exceeds the recommended amount.

Grape Seed Extract is an antioxidant that protects muscle cells. More human studies need to be conducted, but rats given 100 mg per kg body weight experienced decreased exercise-induced oxidative stress in one study.[4]

Vitamin D is important to neuromuscular function. It prevents muscle fatigue by improving mitochondria, the powerhouse of cells.[5] The recommended dose varies between 400 and 800 IU vitamin D. Arnold Iron Cuts has 400 IU.

L-carnitine is an amino acid responsible for turning fat into energy. However, I couldn’t find any studies supporting carnitine’s use in body building supplements. In fact, one study using 2 g carnitine stated its results are too minimal to a real effect on exercise.[6]

Who Can Use Arnold Iron Cuts?

Arnold Iron Cuts is a product specifically designed for men and should not be taken by women. Arnold Iron Cuts affects estrogen and would most likely have negative effects on women’s hormone levels.

The regular directions state men should take 1 serving, or 3 capsules with the first meal of the day. For those involved in intense training programs, take 3 capsules twice daily, with breakfast and lunch.

Do not take Arnold Iron Cuts within 6 hours before bed.

Arnold Iron Cuts Availability

Arnold Iron Cuts will be released on September 25, 2013 online and in retail stores. lists Arnold Iron Cuts at $29.99, a discounted price from $52.99. It is unclear what Arnold Iron Cut’s true price will be.

Keep checking back for more information on Arnold Iron Cuts.


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Derek Peterson | December 15, 2014

Yes, you can take this product even on days when you do not work out. It is recommended that you take one serving (3 capsules) with your first meal. If you are going to do intense training then you should take 2 servings a day, one with breakfast and the other with lunch.

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fernando | December 6, 2014

can i take this capsule with morning meal even not on the days where i do not go to gym and

Yes, I recommend this product

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nvmudder | August 17, 2014

Iron cuts worked great for me. I will definitely buy another bottle. I was just wondering, can this be taken regularly or do you cycle this?

Yes, I recommend this product

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Pierre | April 11, 2014

On it – gives good pumps with a 5 set routine
Thermo works – im hot all the time, sweating buckets and the anti estrogne/test boosting is a nice bonus
Doesn’t space you out like others
Only drawback – contains Ginseng which causes toxication at 2 weeks, so if you start to feel ‘low’ stop taking a few days and then come back on it.

Overall, been the most ‘fun’ to use as you feel good dieting and see the results in 2 weeks

Eph/caff/aspr (ECA, every leading fat burner, given up on all of them.

Yes, I recommend this product

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