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Arnold Iron Pump
Brian Green
By Brian Green
September 20, 2013

Although his bodybuilding glory days are over, everyone has heard of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now, he wants everyone to hear about a new pre-workout supplement bearing his name: Arnold Iron Pump.

Arnold Iron Pump brings Arnold’s glory days into the 21st century by utilizing classic and revolutionary bodybuilding ingredients.

Could using Arnold Iron Pump really give you “skin-tearing pumps and vascularity,” “explosive energy,” and “strength, power & lean mass”?

Ingredients in Arnold Iron Pump

If Arnold was really involved in selecting the formula for Arnold Iron Pump, naturally, we’ll want to know what’s in it. The ingredients are selected to increase muscle growth and vascularity, and to enhance energy for an improved workout. Here are some of the main ingredients in Arnold Iron Pump:

Arginine Nitrate. Arginine stimulates growth hormone, which contributes to muscle building. [1] There’s no evidence arginine nitrate helps you look like Arnold on its own though; it only augments the work you put in the gym. Arginine could cause abdominal pain, allergies, and low blood pressure. [2]

Caffeine. It’s nothing new for athletes to use caffeine to increase energy and promote athletic performance. [3] But, caffeine might cause side effects like jitteriness, rapid heartbeat, and insomnia. Consequently, avoid using other caffeine sources while taking Arnold Iron Pump. [4] Even the amount in Arnold Iron Pump might be enough by itself to cause side effects, but the dosage is not revealed.

Agmatine Sulfate. Like arginine, agmatine sulfate regulates nitric oxide activity to increase pump and vascularity. [5] It might cause abdominal pain, diarrhea, and allergies, though. [6]

Is Arnold Iron Pump Affordable?

Arnold Iron Pump’s price is not yet available, but it’s already advertised in various locations, so you may be able to find the best deal by shopping around. Still, buying a new supplement from a popular company with a celebrity endorsement may not be the most affordable purchase you’ll make.

The ingredient list doesn’t indicate much unique about Arnold Iron Pump. We await customer reviews to see if Arnold Iron Pump is the super formula it’s claimed to be.


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Nate | January 12, 2014

I received a sample of the stuff when i went and bought a tub of muscle milk. I took it 30 minutes before workout as directed but within about 7 to 10 minutes i began feeling very amped. My skin was getting super red as if i feel asleep under the sun all day, and my whole body was on fire. My immediate reaction was to drink water, so after my second bottle the side effects wore of but i was still extremely energetic. When i started my work out (biceps) my normal warm up was extremely easy and fast when i began my heavy lifting i did 30 reps with out rest and it didnt even phase me. My arms where pumped up more than ive ever seen them in my life and my other muscles not being used were alittle pumped aswell.. (Pecs, delts, lats) i felt amazing. It lasted my whole workout but shortly after when i sat down to eat i got a terrible crash. One of the worst ive ever experienced. But all and all if you weigh the pros and cons in my opinion im going to grab some more of this stuff because that was one of my best workouts.

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