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ARO Black Series Glutamine
Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
May 31, 2013

ARO Black Series Glutamine is an aptly named post-workout supplement. Aside from a few natural flavors, glutamine is its only ingredient.

With so few components, ARO Black Series Glutamine likely appeals to exercisers and bodybuilders who prefer natural and potent products.

But, is glutamine alone proven to benefit post-workout muscle recovery? Examining glutamine research and ARO Black Series Glutamine’s pricing and other aspects unveils this product’s value.

Studying ARO Black Series Glutamine’s Ingredient

ARO Black Series Glutamine’s only significant ingredient is glutamine. This amino acid occurs abundantly in the human body. [1] It has also inspired a substantial body of research.

Animal studies indicate glutamine levels affect muscle protein synthesis. [2] Basically, a glutamine surplus encourages muscle building, while a glutamine deficit causes muscle breakdown. [3]

It seems logical to assume increasing glutamine intake would stimulate muscle building. But, glutamine studies haven’t always produced that result. [4] [5]

In fact, it seems glutamine levels remain pretty constant. Conditions such as injury, surgery, infection, and long or intense stress sometimes lower glutamine levels. [1] But, scientists have yet to discover a way to boost muscle building specifically by increasing glutamine.

Watching Out for Potential Side Effects

Generally, glutamine dosages of up to 14 g per day are safe. [1] Since a single ARO Black Series Glutamine serving contains 5 grams glutamine, it is probably safe to take 1 to 2 times daily.

People with liver or kidney problems should not take glutamine. [1] This is because amino acids are processed by the liver and kidneys. Taking too many amino acids damages these organs. [6]

Buying ARO Black Series Glutamine

Currently, ARO Black Series Glutamine is only available through The website’s price is $14.99 for a 30-serving jug.

ARO Black Series Glutamine comes in two flavors: Blue Razz and Fruit Punch. It’s good to have flavor options with amino acid supplements, so this is one positive aspect of ARO Black Series Glutamine.

Using ARO Black Series Glutamine

ARO Black Series Glutamine’s product label has semi-adequate usage directions. They make it clear how to mix a single serving: add 1 scoop powder to 6 to 8 ounces water.

But, nowhere does the label indicate when to take this mixture. Nor does it say how many servings are allowable per day. ARO Black Series Glutamine users are likely to have questions about using this product unless clearer directions are provided elsewhere.

Returning ARO Black Series Glutamine

If you buy ARO Black Series Glutamine and aren’t satisfied with the results, return it to Just be sure to return it within 30 days of getting it in the mail. After 30 days have passed, no longer honors refund requests.

Deciding Whether to Buy ARO Black Series Glutamine

ARO Black Series Glutamine has several enticing aspects. Its low price, fair return policy, and multiple flavors reflect positively on this post-workout recovery supplement.

But, this product’s main problem is also its main ingredient: glutamine. ARO Black Series Glutamine uses this ingredient and only this ingredient to rebuild and sustain muscles after exercise. Unfortunately, scientists can’t prove glutamine has this effect.

Therefore, it seems best not to buy ARO Black Series Glutamine until more conclusive research is published.


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