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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
January 25, 2011

Testosterone boosters are popular for men trying to gain muscle weight and build lean muscle mass. This hormone helps give you energy, bulk up more quickly, and experience a greater sex drive than protein and weight lifting alone.

Claiming to harness the power of testosterone without any common side effects like fat gain, Primal Muscle has presented you with the muscle-building pill Aspartalone for your consideration and hopeful purchase.

Aspartalone is promised to increase the testosterone levels in your body by 40 percent without also boosting estrogen, which can cause fat gain and other unsafe side effects.

We’ll see if this supplement is able to deliver by examining the science behind Aspartalone and any side effects that may occur with its use.

What Does Aspartalone Do?

Aspartalone does one thing—raises the level of testosterone in your body. With increased levels of this hormone, your body should be able to burn off fat more quickly and develop new slabs of muscle.

Testosterone is the primary factor behind the development of muscle, bone mass, and sex drive. Using anabolic steroids to increase levels of this hormone builds the muscles’ protein synthesis, causing larger muscle fibers and faster growth.

How Does Aspartalone Do It?

Aspartalone lists the testosterone boosting supplement D-Aspartic Acid as its main, active ingredient and gives no details as to what else is included in the pill.

DAA has been shown in recent studies to stimulate the synthesis and secretion of testosterone in the pituitary gland and hypothalamus. It also stimulates the release of the hormone GnRH, which tells the pituitary gland that testosterone needs replenishing.

DAA is commonly found in sources like lunch meats, sausage, oat flakes, and avocado.

Are There Any Side Effects Associated With Aspartalone?

Because Aspartalone serves primarily to increase testosterone, all side effects will be related to higher levels of the hormone in your body.
Some effects of heightened levels of testosterone include acne, a bitter taste in the mouth, changes in sex drive, fatigue, gum pain, hair loss and headache. However, these symptoms are relatively mild and shouldn’t affect you too greatly.

If you do start to notice severe side effects like changes in the size or shape of your testicles or painful and prolonged erection, you should contact your doctor.

Should I Try Aspartalone?

Scientific study seems to back up Aspartalone’s claims that DAA really does work to stimulate the production of testosterone, so if you’re simply looking for an added boost of that hormone, you’re in good hands.

However, we’re uneasy about the fact that DAA is the only ingredient listed for Aspartalone. If there are other ingredients in the supplement, we don’t know about them, and you should never take supplements that don’t fully disclose their ingredient list.

Furthermore, most good muscle-building supplements contain ingredients that take a variety of approaches to help you boost your endurance, and testosterone alone may not be the most effective approach.

And at $199.99 a bottle, you’re spending far too much for a simple testosterone boost. Instead, we suggest you look at workout supplements that contain ingredients like nitric oxide or arginine, and work to increase blood flow to the muscles rather than rely on the virile effects of testosterone.

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