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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
November 1, 2011

Whether you’re feeling worn out and haggard or just need an extra boost at the gym, Avatropin may be the product for you.

This HGH-enhancing supplement claims to have all the tools it takes to effectively improve the health of its users – from its anti-aging effects to its muscle-promoting benefits.

In this review, we’re going to take a more in-depth look at Avatropin as we decide whether or not it truly lives up to its own billing.

How Avatropin Functions

First and foremost, Avatropin is what we call an HGH releaser. These supplements help your pituitary gland to function at an efficient rate in terms of the production of the human growth hormone.

What these supplements don’t do is spike your body with unnatural levels of synthetic HGH. Rather, most HGH releasers contain only all-natural and effective ingredients – many of which are amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

Such is the case with Avatropin. Using an all-natural proprietary blend that levels out at a dosage amount of 3,162mg, this product promises to up your HGH levels, which in turn will increase lean muscle mass in your body, up your energy and endurance, improve your body’s fat burning potential, and enhance overall performance at the gym.

Avatropin Ingredients

For the sake of time and space, we’re not going to go over all the ingredients found in Avatropin’s blend. You can, however, find the more than 30 ingredients listed on the Avatropin website.

For now, we’ll go over the key ingredients found in Avatropin and learn about what they do.

L-Lysine – This essential amino acid is one of the few building blocks of protein. Basically, the more Lysine you have in your system, the more protein you’ll build. And the more protein you build, the bigger and stronger your muscle will get.

Since Lysine is an essential amino acid, the body needs to have it in its system. On top of its protein-building abilities, it can also ward off health problems by increasing a body’s absorption of calcium, and by helping a body to convert fatty acids into energy that can be used for good.

Deer Antler Velvet Extract – If you didn’t know this before, you know it now – deer antler extract actually has a medicinal purpose. That’s because this ingredient, surprisingly, contains high amounts of another growth-promoting hormone known as IGF-1, or Insulin-like Growth Factor-1.

Much like HGH, IGF-1 also has the ability to inhibit anti-aging factors and to improve performance levels by enhancing muscle gain, energy levels, etc. This tidbit makes Deer Antler Velvet Extract an extremely important component of Avatropin’s blend.

L-Arginine – A popular ingredient among HGH supplements, this natural amino acid does an amazing job of boosting HGH production levels in the body through its ability to assist the pituitary gland.

On top of this, L-Arginine also assists in protein synthesis, cell replication, and other vital processes found in the body.

AstraGin – Not quite as common of an HGH ingredient as the other three, AstraGin is nonetheless known for its abilities to improve a body’s absorption of amino acids, glucose, vitamins, minerals, and more.

Basically, with AstraGin, a body becomes much more efficient at absorbing all the nutrients it needs to thrive. In other words, AstraGin only helps to improve the effectiveness of the other ingredients found in Avatropin’s blend.

What This All Means

So then, where does all this information lead us in terms of our verdict on Avatropin?

Well, with a blend of proven ingredients found in proven amounts, it’s obvious that Avatropin has the potential to be a very effective product.

Unfortunately, one bottle of this HGH supplement costs almost $124.99 at retail price, but on the official site you can order a bottle for just $59.95. That’s pretty pricey. At least Avatropin comes with a money-back guarantee to mitigate its cost.

And because it does have such a unique and effective formula, Avatropin may turn out to be worth every penny you spend.

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