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Jenni Carlson
By Jenni Carlson
May 23, 2013

gcbLEAN800 makers say just 4 pills a day are enough to put you on the road to success, shedding those extra pounds and becoming your lighter, healthier self.

BioGenetic Laboratories (BGL) also insists their research-backed gcbLEAN800 improves BMI ratio, controls appetite, and supports weight loss, allowing consumers to lose weight without changing any health habits.

Many people jump at the chance for a miracle pill. But could this really be one?


gcbLEAN800 comprises of just 2 ingredients:

Green Coffee Bean Extract [800mg]. A recent study found green coffee bean extract “may be an effective nutraceutical in reducing weight in preobese adults.” [1]

Joe Vinson, one of the scientists in the study, said the key factor inducing weight loss may be the chlorogenic acid found in the green coffee beans. [2]

The study caught the attention of television personality Dr. Oz, who conducted a 2-week study of his own. He also found green bean extract an effective weight loss tool. [3]

But, not all scientists agree with these conclusions. Connie Diekman, RD, said the study conducted by Vinson is interesting but small and short, “so further study is needed.” [2]

Andrew Lessman, founder of nutritional company ProCaps Laboratories, was also skeptical of Dr. Oz’s study. “These ingredients are not weight-loss ingredients. The science does not support such claims,” he said. [4]

Raspberry Ketone [100mg]. Raspberry ketone has elicited a recent frenzy since Dr. Oz praised its weight loss potency, calling it a “Fat-burner in a Bottle.”

One animal study found raspberry ketone had a “dual effect of liver protection and fat reduction.”[5]

But, no study has yet confirmed raspberry ketone promotes weight loss in humans. Because of this lack of scientific evidence, WebMD experts cannot draw any conclusion the ingredient induces weight loss in people. [6]

In response to why he has not used raspberry ketone in his products, Lessman said, “I will not make a product where there is no human science or detailed safety data. Raspberry ketone is not a weight-loss miracle. In fact, I find no evidence that it is a weight-loss product at all.” [7]

Side Effects

As green coffee bean contains caffeine, WebMD experts caution of its side effects, such as irregular heartbeat, anxiety disorders, and high blood pressure. [8]

But, Dr. Oz says not to worry. He stated average green coffee bean supplements have only 20 mg caffeine—much less than the 100mg serving found in a cup of coffee. [9]

In the Vinson study mentioned earlier, scientists noted “there were no adverse effects in our study with higher doses” of green coffee bean extract consumption. [1]

Despite this, consumer Rose Draw shared the following experience on

“…from time to time, i would feel my heart beating really fast. it then became real bad and i had to stop. But i still feel the same tachycardia [heart beat exceeding normal rate]. I’m scared now, im not 100% sure it is due to these pills but this is the only factor that has changed recently.”

This seemed to be a singular case among reviewers, yet it reflects a possible side effect for consumers.

Consumer Reviews

The 10 consumer reviews on all spoke positively of gcbLEAN800. But, take note half of the reviews were written from accounts that had only rated gcbLEAN800. This indicates the reviews may have been written solely for marketing purposes.

Here are reviews from and which give a more accurate portrayal of the product:

“I used it exactly the way it was said on the instruction but I didn’t do any excercise or any diet and I did not loose a pound . I read alot of good reveiws for it and bought one for me and one for my husband but it didn’t work on any of us . I guess if you exercise and take the diet they ask you to do, it might work !!!” – Azi joon

“I like this product so far. My appetite has been less while using this. I’ve followed the meal plan as recommended. I like it would purchase again. I feel great and lighter after on week!” – Pen Name

Purchasing gcbLEAN800

BGL links prospective customers from their website to The price listed on GNC for a 120-capsule package is $44.98 plus $4.38 for shipping. There are less expensive online retailers, though.

For example, offers the lowest online price: $29.29 and a flat shipping rate of $4.95. is a reputable online retailer and sells gcbLEAN800 for $33.98. Shipping is free.

One advantage of is that while the product costs $35.99 and an additional $7.99 for shipping, the site policy promises to reduce its price 5% below that of any other online retailer.


BGL has been in the dietary pill weight loss industry for over 10 years.

In addition to gcbLEAN800, the company website showcases 4 other dietary pill supplements, inviting the customer to find the right one for them. BGL frequently touts the “solid scientific evidence” behind these products.

But, it’s hard to believe such scientific proof exists, because there is none to be found on their website. Furthermore, the company’s Facebook page seems only concerned with alerts of product deals and coupons.


gcbLEAN800 may induce weight reduction for its consumers. But, research on the dietary effects of green coffee bean and raspberry ketone is limited and largely inconclusive.

In addition, consuming gcbLEAN800 may lead to additional side effects not yet discovered. For these reasons, avoid using gcbLEAN800 until more research has been conducted.


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