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Brian Green
By Brian Green
March 21, 2012

Advanced Biolabs is a company that claims that they produce top quality health and nutritional supplements and has been in the business for 8 years.

But, according to their research page it has taken them 15 years of research to perfect their male enhancement/weight loss supplement for men called, BioLoad.

The company website consists of huge claims made about BioLoad in comparison to prescription male enhancement drugs like Viagra and Cialis, claiming BioLoad will soon make these drugs obsolete.

They repeat these same statements over and over in a messy and confusing website. They don’t provide an ingredient list or a price list. Advanced Biolabs says BioLoad is EXPENSIVE because of what it can do.

It’s called a ‘super pill’ that will work in 30 minutes, last longer than prescription treatments, you will have sudden urges for sex, and it will produce intense sexual arousal and spontaneous erections.

And, evidentially is will help you lose weight, but there are no details about that either.

BioLoad Ingredients

On the Advanced Biolabs website that developed BioLoad does not provide an ingredient list. They claim that the ingredients are all natural rare botanicals that require ‘micro propagation’ to produce.

BioLoad the GOOD

• All natural ingredients according to the official website
• 100% money back guarantee (30 days to return unused portion)
• A prescription is not needed to purchase BioLoad

BioLoad the BAD

• No ingredient list
• No customer testimonies found anywhere except the official website
• Has to be taken daily and before sexual activity
• Each tablet costs $2.00, two a day plus one before sex equals expensive!
• No price list on the website

Is BioLoad Safe?

It’s difficult to say because BioLoad fails to list an ingredient list on their website. And, other websites that may have information about BioLoad do not have a list either.

If you are considering taking BioLoad, it is advised that you talk to your health care provider first.

How Long Does it Take for BioLoad to Work?

The dosage is two pills a day and one 30 minutes before sex. The company claims you should start feeling the results within a few days, with effects lasting 48 to 72 hours.

BioLoad Cost and Return Policy

There is no price list on the website, you have to sign up with all your personal information just to get it. And, BioLoad isn’t found on other sites that sell similar supplements.

So, it’s hard to say, but on the BioLoad website they compare prices and other features with top prescription male enhancement products, and they list one tablet cost around $2.00. We don’t know how many tablets are in a bottle, it is not in the description.

All purchases are backed by a 100% Money back guarantee of satisfaction.

Final Thoughts on BioLoad

The official BioLoad website looks like they rely on well-known companies and television programs that have ‘featured’ BioLoad to make their product look good.

There is a link about research but they fail to show any clinical studies or reports or any kind of research information. The website also does not have a price or ingredient list for BioLoad. The only thing it has going for it is a money back guarantee.

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Ralph | January 4, 2013

i need my sperm count to cum alot what can i used plz

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