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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
March 11, 2011

Any who have been struggling with getting the muscle gains and achieving certain fitness goals know that the right type of supplement can make all the difference. Effectiveness and speed are incredibly enhanced with supplements like those provided by Body Fortress.

Body Fortress is a supplement company many people are familiar with. Their current Whey Protein has been getting a lot of attention. Since there have been some questions about it, we thought we’d review Body Fortress Whey Protein for ourselves.

About Body Fortress Whey Protein

Like any protein powder should, Body Fortress Whey Protein contains protein that the body can use to fuel protein synthesis. Protein synthesis is the body’s main muscle-building and muscle repairing process.

Thus Body Fortress Whey Protein can help you experience hearty gains in muscle and output, but so can most other protein supplements. We wanted to take a closer look into Body Fortress Whey Protein’s formula to see what, if anything, would set it apart from the rest of the pack.

Body Fortress Whey Protein’s Formula

Body Fortress Whey Protein does contain a whopping 52 grams of protein per serving. Beyond that, there is nothing that would elevate this product from the clutter.

Besides what might already be in the whey itself, there are no added amino acids and there is no creatine. This protein powder has left out a couple of the most vital aspects of any protein powder: giving the ability to lift and gain.

Through leaving out the amino acids and creatine, most of the protein provided by the protein powder will either not be able to be absorbed or be minimal at best.

Body Fortress Whey Protein does contain some nutrients and vitamins, but you can buy a multivitamin with everything it provides and save yourself a few bucks at the same time. In all, it’s a very bland formula that offers a limited scope of benefits.

Our Opinion of the Formula

Besides being bland, Body Fortress Whey Protein contains, dare we say, too much protein. 50 grams far exceeds the amount of protein your body can make use of over the course of your workouts.

Though it is useful to have a supplemented amount of protein after you work out, that alone is not enough to trigger muscle gain. you must also have the building blocks for muscle in order to use the available protein. Both parts of this process are essential for creating the best type of gain.

50 grams is all the body can make use of in an entire day. In fact, putting too much protein into your system can stress out your kidneys and even make muscle gain harder.

This means that you’re paying for more ingredients than will actually yield benefits, and might even have the opposite of the desired effect. With this fact in mind, we don’t feel right recommending Body Fortress Whey Protein. We suggest looking into more versatile and more cost effective supplements out there.

Keep in mind, as you look, that it is essential to have a fair amount of protein, but not too much, as well as the amino acids necessary to break down and convert that protein.

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Community Rating:
3.5 / 5.0


Brian | October 21, 2011
Pretty good value

Cannot beat it for the price. I use it and my gains in size are very good.

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Bill | March 24, 2011

this supplement really helped me. I started using is year and i gained 16 pounds and added lots of weight towards by bench press and squat

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