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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
February 22, 2011

BPI A50 was designed to help experienced body builders and strength training athletes get intense results. It is a “bio-kinetic” anabolic, which means that it promotes gains in strength and muscle mass.

BPI A50 has also been specifically engineered to dramatically increase muscle vascularity by manipulating red blood cell chemistry.

Aside from producing those results, BPI A50 contains several natural herbs and extracts that help boost testosterone, support digestive health, and enhance sex drive.

If you ask the makers of BPI A50, they say that their product will give you results like no other supplement can. Let’s find out if that’s really the case.

BPI A50 Ingredients

As always, we turn to the ingredients to discover the effectiveness of a product. BPI A50’s main ingredients have long, technical sounding name. But there is no research on the official site that explains what these ingredients do and how effective they are.

All the information we could find on BPI A50’s ingredients was that chromen-4-One; 5,6,7-Trihydroxy-2-Phenyl-Chromen-4-One is actually Baicalein, an antioxidant that reduces the stress of oxidization during muscle breakdowns.

While this ingredient is technically anabolic, in the sense that the antioxidant will protect muscle cells from free radicals, it’s not anabolic like a steroid is. But even if this ingredient is effective, we doubt that it can have too much potency, because BPI A50 only uses 50 mg per serving. This cryptic ingredient really makes us skeptical of the product’s overall effectiveness.

Besides the compound mentioned above, BPI A50 has a variety of weeds and plant extracts combined into a kitchen-sink blend. This mix is most made up of diuretics, but it does have some aphrodisiacs and testosterone boosters. However, these ingredients are not usually used in the muscle building supplements that work.

If you do the research for yourself, you will discover many of BPI A50’s ingredients are more often found in flower shops rather than in muscle supplements. Examining this formula, there was nothing that really caught our eye.

BPI A50 Price and Guarantee

One bottle of BPI A50 will cost you $40 to $60. Each bottle comes with 90 capsules, and one capsule is to be taken 3 times daily. BPI A50 capsules must be taken on a full stomach in order to avoid unwanted side effects.

Best results seem to come in four to eight consecutive weeks; and a four week break between cycles is recommended.


In all, there is really nothing about BPI A50 that we can find to justify its price or even trying it. With an unproven and mysterious blend of ingredients, there is no assurance it will work and no assurance that it won’t cause side effects.

Taking one capsule three times daily, as previously mentioned, may become difficult to remember; especially since the capsules need to be taken on a full stomach.

We recommend that you try a top-rated muscle building supplement instead of BPI A50. All of them have ingredients that have been proven to enhance workout performance and muscle growth. We can’t say as much for a product like BPI A50.

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3.9 / 5.0


mich | November 16, 2014

Been taking it for 3 weeks and have to say this is know doubt that this stuff really works stronger last longer at the gym and my girl love it when I’m on it she loves me long time.

Yes, I recommend this product

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Und2bpunshd | December 23, 2012
5 + sum

I purchased one bottle 12-23-12 X-mas present for my self, I bought for other reasons than gaining, Im 346lbs and just 6’1″ beast. Was intended for sexual endurance and wat not, this product is awesome and I told my girl a bout A-50 and I was short of getting the second bottle she was excited to pay the whole price! Try it u’ll love the extra ummf you can punish holes like never before!!! Whoa’s me down and lovin it!

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john | April 24, 2012

hey ppl, i want to say a-50 is a dynamite supplement. i have gained 9 pounds of hard muscle stacking it with creatine, bpi solid and bpi 1mr. strength has went thru the roof, i have only been training again for 3wks and i know muscle memory has a part to play in this BUT BUT BUT if u are smart and equal up ur supplements from bpi and have a proper food plan and a hardcore workout plan with 1 day off per week then TRUST ME ur on to a winner. 3wks ull see a massive diffrence, i aim this to MARIO in particular. it all fits into one big triangle and we all know wot happens when u take a aprt of that triangle away dont we. hopefully this will help u all, oh and very lottle side effects. SCORE

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Connor | December 7, 2011

I have just finshed one bottle (4 weeks). I was told you should do two bottles if you really want the full effect of the product. However after taking A50 I have noticed a huge differnce in strengh, size, and vascularity. When i started I weighed in at 215lbs. 6’3. I am now at 223lbs. 6’3 If you after me in just one month 8 pounds of fairly all lean muscle is great!
As for side effects I have only noticed three. Extremely mild rage a few times (in car), excessive urination, and the first day I took the pill i had a fairly empty stomache, and it made me sick and angry untill I got food in me.
Make sure you have joint medication,because you will be lifting heavier weight then your body is used to. Overall I would recomend this product to anyone trying to bulk.

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George | November 2, 2011
Does BPI interfere with Rx

I was put on antibiotics for lower resporitory infection from a cold virus that was going around my area. The antibiotics did not work so I am stopping all BPII A50 uptake untill I finish my new antibiotic Rx.

Question? Is this a good idea for me to do this voluntarilly (better safe than sorry) or are the two drugs non-reactive to one another?

Thanks George

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Jesse | July 14, 2011

I give it a four. this is my second time around with it. I have not gained huge muscles from it ,but I have gained. I have gone up in every aspect of wieght lifting. squat,bench,deadlift. the only side effect I have gotten is a little edgy at times. I like it and have ordered my third cycle. I only take it and jacked3d. my squat is 455, bench 320, deadlift 405,. still going up. yeah it has a different effect on everyone but I have gotten great results from it. not bad for being 164lbs.

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Link | May 12, 2011

Took one round and got NO gains, saw no noticeable changes either. I saw better results with S-Roid from Hardcore. The one thing I did get from BPI A50 are soar nips. I think the estrogen levels this product gives off is waaay too much. Try something else less risky if you ask me. Also this will do quite a number on your liver if you don’t get enough water in your system..

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Mario | May 1, 2011

I’ve been using A50 8week now I realy don’t see no differance
I’m starting 2 think this product is fake like the p6 phills I bought.
I took so many product and not one ever surprisde me. I work in demolition and go work out after my job. So the truth is thes pills don’t impress me at all.
Maybe this product is not for me, damm

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John | April 29, 2011

I don’t give 5’s but if I did this product would most likley get it. I stacked this with BPI A-HD for a complete 8 week cycle and the results were better then I expected. I don’t understand how this product gets a 1.8 rating when there are only two reviews that are both above 3!! I am a 51 year old former college Footbal player, 6’4″ 265 lbs. and have done everything legal and some not. Don’t expect gains you would get from PH’s or gear but it is better then most test boosters out there. Only sides effects were some agression and short temper. I stacked this with BPI 1MR pre-WO(started my cycle with Bioquest’s Alpha Fury, which I loved), Gaspari Myofusion protein (3x/day) and Intrapro protein (post WO only), Gaspari SizeOn (intra WO), Gaspari Anavit (Multi), Fish Oil and ZMA. I work out 4 days a week for about 1 1/2 hrs each day. Cardio was kept to a minmum as I was trying to gain size and strength. My WO was a mass building workout which consisted of legs 1 day, chest and tricps 1 day, rest, back and bi’s 1 day, shoulders and traps 1 day, 2 days rest and then start over. If you train hard and eat right (as clean as possible) this product will work for you. I do believe you have to stack it with A-HD to get the gains you would want. Just my opinion. Good luck!

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Justin | April 19, 2011

Been using for about 20 days now. Having definate strength gains and more vascularity. I have noticed growth in my chest and biceps since using as i was plateud before. I am not saying its a miracle pill but it definately is boosting my results both strength and physique. Making a review just on the ingredients and not actually testing out the product itself is unfair to BPI.

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Josh | April 7, 2011
BPI working so far

Been using it with the recommended dose for two weeks now and I have already noticed strength gains. No sides that I can notice yet. I am coming off a shoulder surgery and my bench has incresed drastically in my opinion along with various other exercises where I have noticed heavier weight being easier to toss around.

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