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Brian Green
By Brian Green
July 31, 2013

City Views Rapid Repair Eye Cream is said to repair crow’s feet, lines, wrinkles, puffiness, and sagging skin in just 4 weeks!

City Cosmetics claims City Views Rapid Repair Eye cream is safe for all ages and skin types and doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients.

I wanted to know more about City Cosmetics and its products, so I did a little research.

City Cosmetics

Victoria Renee started City Cosmetics in 2002 when she wanted to create a product to give women fuller lips. After much research, she and her team developed City Lips Original Lip Plumping Formula. Since then, City Cosmetics has developed a line of lip plumpers, eyelash enhancers, and skincare products.

City Cosmetics says it is “dedicated to providing affordable beauty solutions for women through the use of cutting-edge technology and the highest quality ingredients.”

City Cosmetics strives to create quality and affordable products without using “potentially dangerous or inferior ingredients.” Additionally, products are not tested on animals.

The City Views Rapid Repair Eye Cream Formula

Here are the main ingredients:

Argireline is a peptide shown to have significant effects on wrinkles. In clinical studies, women using Argireline for 30 days saw a 30% decrease in wrinkles. Argireline also moisturizes skin and improves skin firmness and tone. [1]

Retinyl Palmitate is one of three retinoids used to treat various skin conditions. Studies show retinyl palmitate doesn’t penetrate as well as retinol. [2] However, animal studies show retinyl palmitate increases collagen production by 128%. [3]

Matrixyl 3000 is a synthetic peptide that increases collagen, firbronectin, elastin, and glucosamnoglycans production. [1]

Directions and Side Effects

Dab the cream around your eyes after washing your face. It’s best not to dry the face completely so the cream will absorb better. Use twice a day, don’t put directly on the eyelids.
There are no recorded side effects of City Views Rapid Repair Eye Cream. Overall, it seems a safe eye cream.

Purchasing City Views Rapid Repair Eye Cream

City Cosmetics charges $67 for a 0.5 oz. jar of City Views Rapid Repair Eye Cream. Most wrinkle creams I’ve seen online range in price from $20-$100, so this product is somewhere in the middle.

Guarantee and Deals

City Cosmetics offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on this product. If you aren’t satisfied, call 1-800-347-1588 to get a full refund.

City Cosmetics also offers a special deal to first time customers. Visit and enter your name and email address into the box labeled, “First Time Customer?”


Unfortunately, the only reviews I could find for this product were directly from, so the reviews could be biased. Here are a few testimonials from

“I bought City Views about a month ago and have been using it twice a day on the skin around my eyes. I heard about argireline on the Dr. Oz show as being great for anti-wrinkle treatment so I started looking for products that had it. City Views does and it really does work great. I’m 56…and it works wonders.” –Angie

“Honestly, within 2 weeks, I noticed a difference. My eyes are TRULY brighter and more full. They no longer looked sunken and just down. This is a now brainer purchase…I am now a loyalist and we should just set me up on auto-delivery like wine of the month!” –Bridget

In Conclusion

This product has some good ingredients for a decent price. I love seeing a product with a money-back guarantee. This tells me City Cosmetics is confident in its product’s results.
It’s hard to tell if a product works without any customer reviews, so wait for reviews


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