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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
February 6, 2010

The new generation of CREATINE delivers 6 times the performance of your current creatine and over 3 times more than your current creatine / NO product. The science behind this supplement has no rival. Cold Fusion EX is the culmination of 3 years of research in how to better utilize creatine and NO! Cold Fusion EX comes with ingredients to increase stamina and performance, so you get MAXIMUM gains in the gym and the ability to push yourself further than you ever thought possible! The market is starting to get flooded with many different kinds of creatine. Our company LG Sciences has a creatine complex, Cold Fusion EX. Most products are pretty good, but what separates many of them is effectiveness and taste. Cold Fusion EX is formulated to be the best tasting creatine complex on the market and it has ingredients that make it up to six times more effective than regular creatine. That being said almost any creatine product will give results, even straight monohydrate! Depending on the type, most creatine is taken at 3-10g per day and that seems like an effective dose. Cold Fusion EX reviews below when available.

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Community Rating:
2.5 / 5.0


Pawel | February 7, 2011

just consume a litle bit of this stuff….i think its really good i can feel tingling in my skin so thats mean its working!!will see after workout!!i think to get the best results u have to use another stack after workout!!thats what im gonna do!

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Jay of California, USA | June 14, 2009
Waste of money!

I tried this product because it was buy 1 get 1 free. This does not get me the hmph that I get from no xplod. It makes my stomach feel weird/full so I can’t do cardio on this product.

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Big Artie of New York, USA | December 5, 2008
Cold Fusion EX

OMFG!!!! The only thing experiencing any fusion was my a$$ to the toilet. Farts were unbearable also. My girlfriend has actually banished me to the second bedroom because I just contantly blow the most horrific a$$ from this stuff. The tingle is there…don’t notice any difference in the gym though. I get better pumps from NO Xplode and they last longer. Not sure if the other commenters here lack taste buds but this is like trying to drink drywall dust mixed with Kool Aid. If it weren’t for the EXPLOSIVE and CONSTANT diarreah, it wouldn’t be the worst I’ve ever tried. There is no getting used to this stuff if your stomach can’t take it. I did lose some weight on it though…out of my a$$. Don’t use this. Stick with NO Xplode or Fast Twitch. They work.

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Zac of Florida, USA | June 13, 2008
Nasty stuff...!!!

This product gave me the worst diarrhea ever!!! OMFG ….they should call it HOT FUSION!!! I had the runs bad all day! Like hot soup…ha…yuck! Other than the nasty diarrhea… I got the tingles, not much energy boost, pump was ok. I tried this product 3 different times and got the same response each time! Bad product in my opinion.

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Andrew of Florida, USA | January 26, 2008

I bought a bucket of this stuff, after.I used to scoops before my workout. this is prolly the worst tasting product ive ever tried. it was a challenge just to drink it. as far as energy goes i really didnt feel much. Im sticking with my N.O.xplode

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Jim of Ohio, USA | September 7, 2007
Good Prod!

I have used 4 preworkouts now. I do like this one the best. I think Beta-Alanine works well with me. always makes me want to go till failure. I like the superpump and this. I think I will alternate. Not a whole lot of size but I went up ALOT in strength over the last 8 weeks. 9 out of ten.

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Jay of Pennsylvania, USA | September 1, 2007

A while back i posted about my initial reaction to this product. Here is the update. Taste is barable. Really not bad at all. For the first few workouts you really feel the tingle effect which for some can be quite annoying. Imagine your foot falling sleep and the prickly feeling you get coming on suddenly and all over your body. As for how well it works. I saw results. I have used cell tech and cell mass, both of which i saw minimal results. This creatine may have worked better since a) i upped protein intake b)changed workout routine c) its also an NO product which also helped. One thing tho, anyone else who tried this, my second container was like rock solid. the powder, or lack there of, was in one giant clumps that i had to take a knife to. Not very appealing. Im now switching to a different product next week.

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Owen of Ohio, USA | August 12, 2007
Free Sampler Bottle

I took this stuff for the first time from a sample bottle i recieved. I waited the 30 minutes and then hit the wieghts doing my normal routine. After my second set, i sweated through my shirt and my heart was beating out of my chest. After i finished my third set, i had shortness of breath, cottonmouth, and neaseau. I pushed through the workout, but felt crappy for two hours afterwards, this pre-workout supplement sucks. Anyone sensitive to NO-Products, i highly discourage you use this.Im sticking with my normal NO- Product.

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Rob of Ohio, USA | July 24, 2007
Tastes Great

Have been using this for 2 weeks. So far I can say it tastes really good. It gives good energy that I don’t crash from. I like it MORE than NO-Xplode. Needs more flavors.

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Jay of Pennsylvania, USA | July 11, 2007
First Scoop Today

Just took my first scoop from the two containers i purchased on sunday. I am stacking this with Promagnom-25 and protein. Can not give much of a review, all i can say is that the label says most people experience a tingle effect from this product, and i felt it quite suddenly on the way to the gym today. I will keep everyone posted.

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