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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
January 15, 2012

Core Daily 1 for Women is a multivitamin supplement made just for women. Country Life claims that their product offers the basic nutritional needs for a woman with an active lifestyle.
It contains blends for antioxidant support (heart, immune, and urinary), vitamins and minerals for whole body support, and vitamins and nutrients for bone support.
Core Daily 1 for Women does offer a wide array of nutrients. But there is nothing significant that makes this supplement any different from others with similar ingredients and claims.

Core Daily 1 for Women Ingredients

• Magnesium 100mg: is a vital element because it’s involved in a bunch of basic chemical processes. It helps oxidize fatty acids, it helps prevent ‘bad’ cholesterol from accumulating, and it is needed in brain and immune function. B6 would not work properly without this mineral!

• Selenium 70 mcg: an essential micronutrient. Only a tiny bit is needed in the body to do a mountain of work. Selenium benefits skin, asthma sufferers, women with postmenopausal conditions and those who might have infertility issues.

• Calcium fructoborate ?: has anti-inflammatory properties, it increases calcium-magnesium retention and aids in bone mineralization. Research claims that it raises vitamin D 20%, which is a powerful vitamin that helps reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

• Proprietary Probiotic Blend ?: this blend contains the probiotics: Lactobacillus Rhamnosus, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Bifidobacterium Lactis, and Bifidobacterium Longum. These probiotics work together providing a balance of flora and fauna in the digestive system. The probiotic blend help prevent bloating and stomach cramps. Probiotics also aid with the absorption of nutrients.

Core Daily 1 for Women PROS

• Core Daily 1 for Women Reasonably priced
• Core Daily 1 for Women is easily found on line or Country Life offers a store locator
• Core Daily 1 for Women contains a good list of ingredients

Core Daily 1 for Women CONS

• Core Daily 1 for Women does not come with a money back guarantee
• Core Daily 1 for Women doesn’t have an exact amount of each ingredient within the blends and complexes

Core Daily 1 for Women Price and Return Policy

If price is one of the main issues of whether you purchase Core Daily 1 for Women or not, it is priced considerably low. At the lowest price of $11.00 for a bottle containing 60 tablets, that gives you a two month supply.

That’s only a little more than $5.00 dollars a month for a women’s multivitamin supplement. That’s a very close price to other popular women’s supplements on the market.

If you still end up paying full price, $19.99 dollars, that’s still not bad considering it offers two months of supplements.
There’s no money back guarantee though. So no matter what you pay, you can’t get it back if you don’t get the results you want from Core Daily 1 for Women.

Final Thoughts on Core Daily 1 for Women

This supplement has some good and some bad. It’s not expensive, but there’s no guarantee. It does offer a good list of ingredients, but some of them do not have an amount, so how much is really in it?

Is it really potent enough to do what the company says it will do? This one is what they say, ‘riding the fence’. There’s really nothing that really stands out superior to other supplements similar to it.

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