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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
February 7, 2010

Cutting Gel puts a whole new twist to getting ripped. Supposedly this easy-to-use gel will give you more defined, more ripped muscles than ever before with a simple topical treatment. Simply rub it on the part you want to sculpt, and away you go!

After its temporarily being discontinued in the United States, Cutting Gel is now back in the USA under new marketers. Novex Biotech, has recently negotiated with NutrSport to start selling the Cutting Gel Formula as the ultimate muscle defining compound.

Of course, we can’t help but be a little skeptical of such a product, but just in case, we decided to give it a second chance.

How Does it Work?

Cutting Gel, or Epidril, relies on the ingredient Aminophylline, a popular treatment for asthma. A few select studies have shown that Aminophylline can decrease fatty tissue when applied topically, but there is not enough evidence to show that it merits as an effective weight loss ingredient.

It has not been evaluated by the FDA, and for the most part, skeptics believe that it’s the intensive workout which accompanies Cutting Gel producing the actual results.

The Good

Honestly, we struggled to find something decent to say about this product. Its over-the-top claims and ridiculous approach to weight loss make us wonder why anyone would actually buy this product.

This product is stimulant free, which is definitely good, and can easily be applied to the skin for convenient use. If you’re on the go, it’s completely portable, so you can take its “muscle-defining” formula with you wherever you are.

We also appreciate the warning that Cutting Gel should not be applied to the entire body due to the fact that most people can’t handle so much Epidril on their skin.

Interestingly there are a few positive consumer reviews out there saying that it works great for the stomach area, but overall, Cutting Gel seems be more effort than it’s worth.

The Bad

While we try to keep our reviews professional and try not to “bash” on another product, we have to admit that there isn’t a lot of quality when it comes to Cutting Gel.

Despite its claims to visible reduce surface body fat, Cutting Gel is extremely overhyped. Currently the FTC is cracking down on NutraSport (the makers of Epidril) for making unsubstantiated claims about its product, and it is fairly difficult to purchase online.

NutraSport originally decided to discontinue the production of Epidril, and it wasn’t until 2009 did Novex Biotech decide to purchase the rights to this product. It is still unknown whether or not Cutting Gel is safe to use on a regular basis and if it will even produce reliable results.

The Price

Currently a bottle of Cutting Gel can be purchased online for around $70, which is extremely pricey considering that it doesn’t contain any fat-burning, appetite suppressing, muscle-building, or metabolism-boosting ingredients at all.

The Verdict

If you’re looking for an alternative to Cellulean, then Cutting Gel may be a viable option. The ingredients inside this unique tool for weight loss do have potential to decrease fatty tissue when applied topically, although the results have not been proven.

However, we generally don’t feel comfortable recommending formerly discontinued products, especially those that use such unusual methods. We suggest that you shop around for a more reliable formula rather than spending your money on such a questionable product.

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mellizadee | January 21, 2015

This gel worked superrr great for me. I maintained a regular exercise routine , ate healthier, and drank lots of water. I think along with what i was doing this cream really did work for me. I am a person who gets bloated super quick and my tummy always seems to pop out no matter what. But i started eating right and doing excersise this cream almost flatten my belly. And no i am not a thin person but like i said you also have to put your part just to see results. I would say i say results within two months and people notcied as well. The key is what you put into your body. You cant expect to see results while you keep adding junk into your system. There is no miracle cream , we make the miracle by our hard work, the cream is only a boost. And also keep in mind our bodies are all completely different so you cant expect to have the same results. For some it might take a month for others maybe 3 but like i said we have to put our part too. Also i lost about 12 pounds while doing these things which also contribute to making my stomach looking flatter. Its all hard work good luck people

Yes, I recommend this product

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Ted of Washington, USA | December 26, 2009
Cutting Gel Review

I used one bottle of this when I was trying to cut down in the spring. I used it on the side of my abs, because I always have trouble getting my obliques to really show. After about 8 weeks I went from 195 pounds to 180 pounds. I did get a lot more cut, however I also drastically cut carbs, and stepped up the cardio. The cutting period was pretty rough, although rewarding, and I did achieve very good definition in my abs. My obliques did appear to be very visible, although this is probably just due to my diet/cardio. I would not pay for cutting gel if I were you, and would stick to diet and cardio, because even those real problem areas will fix themselves if you work hard enough.

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Rob of Kentucky, USA | November 19, 2009

I tried cutting gel for a while too and I noticed results, but they came at a price which I don’t think is necessarily worth it. I have read more recently on Cutting Gel and have found that it does work, but does so by taking water out of the area it is applied to. So in essence, it does work but once you stop using it, you will notice that the results have begun to fade a little bit.

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Dan of Washington, USA | January 26, 2009
Didn't work for me

I used the cutting gel for about 10 days (according to the label) and noticed no difference in my abs where I applied it. I weight lift 4 times a week and eat six times a day. I get at least 1 gm of protein per lb of body weight per day. My carbs are around 200-250 per day. I did not alter my “bodybuilding” diet because I wanted to see if the stuff worked “as is.” The instructions tell you to increase your cardio and reduce your calories. Well, heck if you do that you are gonna lose weight anyway so why not see if it works when you are eating like you should be for growth. My conclusion is it didn’t work for me.

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Paul of California, USA | December 19, 2008
Cutting Gel Review

I used cutting gel for about a week and lost ten pounds, however I did eat lightly and used the product before working out. I went from 190 to 180. I weighed 200 pounds about three weeks ago. After I worked out, I stopped using the product for two days. I did not do any cardio except for running 1 quarter mile in the whole week. My gut has shrunk since and love handles are going away fairly quickly. Eat lightly and stay light on the carbs. I guess it works, but you must help it out with a little exercise and light eating.

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