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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
February 2, 2011

Natural sleep supplements protect you from risky side effects but may not have the kick needed to knock you out at night. Dalmane is one prescription medication used to treat insomnia. Doctors usually prescribe this sedative-hypnotic for short term use only. After two days, you should see your sleep quality and duration improve. Dalmane is a powerful drug used as a sleep aid and should be carefully considered prior to commitment.

How does Dalmane Work?

The active ingredient in Dalmane is flurazapam hydrochloride, the capsule typically has 15 mg or 30mg. Dalmane slows the activity in your brain which allows you to sleep. It should effectively treat insomnia and is only available through your doctor.

Should you use Dalmane?

Dalmane does have its defects. Minor side effects include confusion, euphoria, tremors, restlessness, memory loss, sweating, mental changes, vision changes, and fainting. Major side effects usually are signs of infection, irregular heartbeat, unusual paleness, dark urine, and yellowing of the eyes and skin.

Dalmane can be habit-forming, but you shouldn’t stop taking the medication without your doctor’s approval. With all these risks, it is important to remember that your doctor deemed the benefits of taking Dalmane worth the potential side effects.

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