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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
February 22, 2012


Anabolic formulas are geared to do one thing, and one thing only – increase muscle and performance gains for athletes.

This is often done in several different ways, depending on the product. Some products are designed to help muscles grab amino acids from the blood stream at a consistent and efficient rate. Other products help the body to retain amino acid “pools” already found in muscles, ensuring that none go to waste.

Then you have the anabolic supplements who try to multi-task, such as Dianabol by Hi-Tech.

In this review, we’ll briefly explain how Dianabol is designed to work and give you our verdict in terms of its overall effectiveness as an anabolic agent.

The Multi-Tasker

As part of Hi-Tech’s Muscle & Strength line of products, Dianabol is just one of five different anabolic supplements created by Hi-Tech.

Each of these supplements is designed to carry out a very specific function. As for Dianabol, its main purpose runs along the lines of keeping acquired protein within the muscles and ensuring that none goes to waste.

Now then, Dianbol does this on both the accounts which we mentioned above – it helps to increase the rate of amino acid “snatching” from the bloodstream, and it also helps to retain amino acid reserves and to ensure that they are ready to go when protein synthesis occurs.

To this effect, Hi-Tech claims that Dianabol has an edge over its competition – and rightfully so. When looking for a quality supplement, you should always keep an eye out for those that are capable of performing multiple functions.

The Ingredients

Moving on, what kind of anabolic-promoting ingredients are found in Dianabol?

To begin, the most influential ingredient found in Dianabol is an active compound known as Belizean Man Vine. Studies conducted on Belizean Man Vine have shown that it is more than capable of serving as an anti-catabolic, anti-inflammatory and recuperative help meet.

As such, you can expect Belizean Man Vine to decrease the time it takes for muscle recovery and to increase the amount of Nitric Oxide produced by the body.

In line with Belizean Man Vine, there are a number of other ingredients found in Dianabol which serve as protein synthesizers and nitrogen enhancers as well.

The Side Effects

Now then, Dianabol is far from being a perfect ingredient. Although effective, the potency of Dianabol does bring side effects into the equation.

In fact (as is the case with many anabolic formulas) if you decide to use Dianabol, you should expect side effects to occur as your body adjusts to its properties. This can include nausea, headaches and more.

Now, Hi-Tech may try to persuade you that its product is completely safe to use…but don’t be fooled by its marketing ploys.

The side effects of this supplement should wear off with time. If they do not, you should consider lowering your dosage level and eating larger portions before taking your daily dose of Dianabol.

Usage Directions

Speaking of your daily dose, users of Dianabol are advised to take one serving/tablet of this anabolic formula on three different occasions during the day.

Because it needs to be taken with food, we suggest taking Dianabol with your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You can purchase one bottle of Dianabol (90 tablets/one-month supply) for just $32.95 online – a relatively cheap price compared to the price tag attached to other leading, anabolic formulas.

Concluding Thought

In conclusion, Dianabol is backed by science, effective and reasonably affordable. So as long as you feel comfortable with the risk of potential side effects associated with its use, we don’t see why we should be holding anyone back from giving this product a try…

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