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Sheena Jones
By Sheena Jones
February 9, 2010

If you are in the market for a supplement that can give you a powerful pump as you work out and an optimized post-workout recovery, Dymatize Xpand could be the product for you.

The distributors of Dymatize Xpand claim that this is a dietary supplement that will work overtime to help your muscles grow and recover during and after an intense workout using the “latest cutting-edge technology.” They also say that their product has the ability to increase not only the size of your muscles but also the strength.

However, most post-workout supplements come with these exact same promises, and few actually provide you with the changes you want. Is Dymatize Xpand any different? Can it actually live up to the claims of its manufacturers?

The Dymatize Xpand Formula

Dymatize Xpand depends primarily on the key ingredient, Controlled Release Xpand, which is apparently a proprietary blend that does actually contain some ingredients that we recognize and trust.

Taurine, for example, is a well-tested substance that is a building block of your amino acids. It has the power to help your body with its regular maintenance, helping to promote effective bodily processes, and it will also help you develop your skeletal muscles. Taurine also has the potential to promote a healthy cardiovascular system, regulate your cholesterol, and even help you lose weight.

Dymatize Xpand also has L-citrulline, which is another amino acid that is produced naturally by your body. It has shown to provide benefits such as reducing fatigue, muscle weakness, erectile dysfunction, and even can decrease your risk of diabetes. L-citrulline also has the ability to promote a healthy heart and reducing high blood pressure.

Another one of Dymatize Xpand’s ingredients is Glutamine AKG, which is a form of the body’s amino acid Glutamine that can optimize your body’s recovery, muscle growth, overall health, and athletic performance. This particular type of Glutamine, certain experts say, is more easily absorbed into the body’s muscles to bring you the potentially best and quickest results.

This supplement also contains caffeine, which is frequently used in products designed to help maximize your workouts due to its energizing capabilities and potential ability to speed up your metabolic rate.

The problem that we have with the Dymatize Xpand formula, however, is that it does provide us with some necessary information: we have no way of telling what the ingredients’ exact quantities and thus we do not have any idea of just how effective this product will actually be.

From the supplement label, we can glean that in each capsule, there is 5.1 grams of this entire mixture, or the Controlled Release Xpand, but it tells us nothing about how much Glutamine AKG is in it, for example. Without knowing the actual doses of each ingredient, we can’t really tell how this product is going to work.

Our Opinion

At this time, we are hesitant to recommend Dymatize Xpand. We think that it does show some potential as a post-workout supplement, since it contains some well-researched and tested ingredients, but until they provide more detailed information, we think you should try out a different product.

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Community Rating:
4.0 / 5.0


Armenian beast of California, USA | September 18, 2009
The best out there!!!!!

I just got this product and all I can say is that it’s worth every penny!!! Crazy beastly feeling while working out and great pump!! Better than no explode, no shoutgun, superpump250!! I tried all that yet this is the best pump given to me!!! Try it out n you will never workout again without it!!!

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peter venkman of Georgia, USA | December 12, 2008
Nothing Yet

After reading several reviews on NO products I thought I would try out Xpand since it is one of the more reasonably priced products and it was not loaded with caffeine. I followed the directions and took 30 minutes prior to use, however, I experienced nothing in the way of better pumps or focus. The label says nothing about loading but I suppose I will keep taking it to see if my results change but so far nothing.

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conrad of Ontario, Canada | October 24, 2008

So I got a free sample of this product and I thought why not try it. I usually just use purple K and a whey protein but friends have told me to try a NO product. Pumps: Good pumps! they last long too, 5 hours after I left the gym I still had a pump. Taste: Is ok, nothing special kinda tastes like acidic kool aid Overall: I would recommend this product I am going to go buy this product next week as if you see results from a sample then you know you will see more results when you use it over a longer period of time

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aar888 of California, USA | July 9, 2008
Xpand by Dymatize

This is a great product if your looking for an N.O. powder without caffine.it mixes well shaken, and taste like a strong HI-C. It also packs creatine, after your body takes the load in about a week you get a great pump! Very pleased with Dymatize Xpand50, and without the caffine jitters too!

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Charles of New York, USA | April 26, 2008

I just finished my third consecutive day using the Xpand powder (the regular kind, not energized). I have tried many pre-workout/NO drinks, NO-Xplode, Black Powder, Amped, NO-Shotgun, Purple Wrath, and Xpand has been the best yet. It gives me awesome focus in the gym. Also, without caffeine, it gives me tons of energy. For example, today I did back/bi’s, and each exercise I did, I felt like a beast. And the end of each workout, I have gotten an unreal pump. IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO TRY SOMETHING NEW, TRY THIS!!!!!! YOU WON’T REGRET IT!!!!!

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Tim of Manitoba, Canada | April 22, 2008
One bottle down

I have been using this product for a little over half the tub. I have been very satisfied, this product(i’m using the powder version) has a great ingredient list and provides a great pump. I can push out an extra one or two reps each set while on this. The taste and mix ability are top good as well. I was plateauing at 200lbs for quite some time but after using this to jump start my workouts I’m up to 215 and pushing out 8 quality reps! Worth the 50 bucks i paid. ENJOY!!

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Joel of South Australia, Australia | December 3, 2007
Works well.

I tried the Xpand powder and I did like it very much! On arm day I got a great pump, I took it about 40 minutes before training and did notice a diff. I guess it all depends on the person and what works for you. Good luck anyway guys/girls.

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Pen of Manila, Philippines | April 27, 2007
waste of money

i used the whole bottle and its not that effective compare to nitrix, i did not get the pump that im looking for and did not get any satisfactory on the money that i spend for, on this product.

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Scott of Tennessee, USA | December 10, 2006
Best Yet

I have tried many different NO products to date, although i dont routinely get track of my bf% or weigth i would definetly say that this is by far the most impressive visual results that i have had from any supplement that i have ever taken. It offers a very generous amount of creatine perserving and a very satisfying energy boost. I would buy this product again!

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