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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
February 8, 2011

EFX has recently unveiled a new testosterone booster, Test Charge. As any good T-booster should, EFX Test Charge is hoping to raise levels of bio-available testosterone inside the body so you can build muscles faster, burn away fat stores, and improve body composition.

Good T-boosters turn your body into an anabolic environment where muscle growth can be accomplished easily and quickly. The question then is: will EFX Test Charge be effective in creating the effects of an ideal T-booster?

Inside EFX Test Charge

Examining EFX Test Charge, we found that it had a very unique blend with some relatively new ingredients. One of these new components is a compound called Taxadrol (Hidafolia).

Taxadrol is a trademarked ingredient that is supposedly unique to EFX Test Charge. In theory, taxadrol will naturally help the body produce more testosterone. As levels of testosterone increase, the chemical environment of your body becomes very friendly to muscle growth. Testosterone levels also increase muscle output and is needed for muscle recovery.

However, there is very limited information on the ingredient itself – no clinical studies, no dictionary definitions, not even a small blurb on an herbalist blog. Although the ingredient pops up once in a while in body building forums, we can’t help but be a little suspicious of Test Charge’s anabolic gold mine.

It’s pretty much a complete mystery – which means the side effects, the way it interacts with the body, and standardized concentrations are unknown, making it a dangerous risk.

On a more positive note, EFX Test Charge also contains aromatase inhibitors. Aromatase is the enzyme that helps synthesize estrogen. This means that EFX Test Charge helps to block the production of estrogen so your testosterone benefits are even more noticeable. It should be said, though, that aromatase inhibitors have been linked to bone problems like osteoporosis, arthritis, and several joint disorders.

All of its ingredients are listed as a 150 mg proprietary blend, which makes us question EFX Test Charge’s formula even more. Although many of the ingredients inside EFX Test Charge have a great deal of potential to work, unless these ingredients are in their clinically proven amounts, they’ll be little more than fillers and fluff.

Price and Overall Value

Currently Test Charge retails for a whopping $77.99 a bottle, which is way too pricey for such an unproven formula. However, there are multiple online sellers and vendors who sell Test Charge for only $42.99, which is still pricey, but might be worth looking into.

Consumer reviews have been fairly positive, but there is not enough feedback to determine if this product actually works.

Is EFX Test Charge Worth it?

We’re all for trying new products and discovering new methods of supplementing, but when we see a new compound such as Taxadrol, we want clinical proof that it works.

Studies, trials, and precise dosages would all have contributed to determining whether or not Test Charge is a good product, but instead, manufacturers hide behind scientific sounding names and undisclosed concentrations.

Until Taxadrol establishes a successful track record, we recommend spending your money on ingredients that have been around the block a bit.

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Community Rating:
4.5 / 5.0


proboxe1203 | January 25, 2013

Just Curious if this Product is safe for women, and if not any recommendations ?

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erik pietracatella | September 14, 2012
just started

im just starting this product just woundering what is the best way of taking it i have heard in the morning and befor workout just trying to see what people have tryed

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Heath Athins | August 31, 2012

I’ve used test charge during the past summer and can say it surely works! I wents months w/o even going to the gym and got leaner while keeping all my muscle mass. I’m bout to start a new bottle and ill be going to the gym with this one so I’m sure to build lean hard muscle mass. I would this is the stongest sup I’ve ever used discribing it as steriod like results!

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exSWAT | November 21, 2011
test charge satisfaction

Awesome product!! i’m 43 years old and in very good physical shape. Have been on charge for 18 days now and feeling incredibly on the ball. Excellent muscle gain and lean toned shape. I do moderate cardio 3 hrs a week and feel like a machine. 217 pounds of hard frame at 5’10”
A bit older but frikin able to take on!!

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Brian Keehmer | February 27, 2011
solid gains... leaner by the day..

well I cant actually say that it is the best supplement on the market.. that is mostly because i haven’t tried every supplement on the market, I can say that it is most definitely one of the best that I have tried. I have noticed solid gains of muscle including strength and an over all lean look that seems to accompany it as well. This product so far is one of the best that I could speak for, and that is my opinion only after the 20th day of use… So that being said I hope I am not jumping the gun, but I am pretty confident you will agree with me.. check back in with an update asap!

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