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Epiq Ripped
Jenni Carlson
By Jenni Carlson
February 5, 2013

Popular in the weight loss/performance enhancement market, EPIQ Ripped claims it is the “ultra-intense thermogenic stimulant” that you’re looking for.

Does Ripped really give energy for better workouts while burning fat?

I researched the product and this is what I found out.

Is EPIQ a Trustworthy Manufacturer?

Their official website fails to provide any information about the company. A search shows that a company called Iovate Health Sciences International Inc. owns the website.[1] Iovate Health Sciences is a nutritional supplement company that has been business since 1996 and is headquartered in Canada.

In 2010, Iovate Health Sciences paid $5.5 million to settle with the Federal Trade Commission for false advertising charges surrounding weight loss supplements.[2]

Though Ionic Health Sciences has a long history in the health supplement industry, they aren’t very forthcoming about their involvement with EPIQ Ripped. That puts their trustworthiness into question.

What About the Ingredients?

EPIQ Ripped uses two different blends to create their thermogenic stimulant. The blends are as follows:

Thermogenic Matrix

Green coffee bean extract comes from unroasted coffee beans. It is a popular ingredient for weight loss that has been discussed on Dr. Oz. A recent clinical study shows that green coffee significantly improved weight loss in people who use it.[3]

Caffeine anhydrous is pure, dehydrated caffeine. It stimulates thermogenesis, helping the body stimulate metabolism and burn more energy. A 1989 clinical study shows caffeine increases the amount of calories people use.[4]

Green tea leaf extract significantly reduces body weight and fat in people who use it according to multiple studies.[5] It is also a strong antioxidant,[6] fighting toxins in the body while speeding up metabolism and promoting weight loss.

Yohimbe bark extract is a natural athletic performance and weight loss enhancer.[7] a recent study involving athletes shows that yohimbe bark extract improved performance while promoting more weight loss.[8]

Cayenne pepper fruit contains capsaicin, which promotes fat oxidation helping the body burn fat for fuel. This ingredient also improves thermogenesis in the body resulting in more energy for working out and more calories burned.[9]

RaziCarn Matrix

Raspberry ketone is found in many fruits and is a very popular weight loss supplement. While there are no studies on its effect on humans, studies show raspberry ketone improves animals’ metabolisms. It speeds up fat burning while reducing fatty tissue throughout the body.[10]

L-carnitine I-tartrate. It’s not clear what this ingredient is. EPIQ and GNC’s websites list this ingredient as “L-carnitine I-tartrate” but I couldn’t find any information on it online. It’s possible that the companies intended to list “L-carnitine L-tartrate”, which is a popular ingredient for building muscles and burning fat.

Dandelion root extract has traditionally been used throughout the world as a diuretic. Modern studies show that it does work as a diuretic[11] helping the body expel toxins and lose weight.

How Do You Take It?

EPIQ advises to assess your tolerance to this product that you start with this plan.

Day 1 to day 2: one capsule, once daily

Day 3 & beyond: one capsule, twice daily

Then once your tolerance is built up, you take one capsule with 8 ounces of water twice a day before you two largest meals.

Do not exceed two capsules in a 24-hour period.

Are There Side Effects?

As with many energy supplements and weight loss pills, caffeine can become an issue. Caffeine side effects include tremors, increased heart rate, and difficulty sleeping. EPIQ claims that one dose of Ripped has the same amount of caffeine as two cups of coffee. So if you’re sensitive to caffeine or already taking caffeine in your diet, you may want to take a smaller dose at first.

Yohimbe bark is also concerning because it can cause skin flushing, high blood pressure, dizziness, and panic attacks. But since its part of a blend in Ripped, it’s not possible to figure out just how much of yohimbe bark is in the product.

What About the Price?

The two main vendors selling EPIQ Ripped are GNC and Lucky Vitamin. Here are the prices I found:

• GNC.com: $49.99 for a 60 capsule bottle
• LuckyVitamin.com: $39.99 for the same 60 capsule bottle

While Lucky Vitamin’s price is cheaper, it doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee on the product. GNC, on the other hand, provides a 30-day money-back guarantee on all products that it sells. That guarantee may be worth the cost.

Final Thoughts

I have mixed feelings about this product. On one hand, the company behind Ripped isn’t too forthcoming. It appears that EPIQ is just a shell company for Iovate Health Sciences International Inc., a company with a history of producing misleading and incorrect health claims.

But on the other hand, the user reviews for this product are through the roof. At GNC.com, a 100% people who used this product would recommend it to a friend. An overwhelming majority of users are happy with how EPIQ Ripped helped them burn energy and lose weight.

Though the company behind it is questionable, it looks like EPIQ Ripped is a solid product that will help you work out and burn fat.


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Leo | July 30, 2014

This product works with me, i follow the instructions exactly and eat it before meals. i also happen to work out after i eat one of those meals and thats the way it was intended to work. i let a buddy of mine try it and he said it gave him jitters and he felt a surge in his body. i’m not sure if that was from the pre-workout or from this product but i dont believe that its for everyone. This product is typically for people who have trouble losing weight or need to boot their metabolism (with Training of course). Bottom line however i used this product and i did see some results, lost about one pound a day ( probably 70% water weight, 30% lipid).

Yes, I recommend this product

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Riana Dankulich | April 25, 2014

While i took this over an hr before my workout i thought it was great. It was making me sweat just sitting on the couch. Then hrs later it made me start shaking a bit in my hands. I could feel my blood pressure rising it was intense. The. Once my workout was over i took my usual shower i noticed i was still shaking like crazy and whatever object i looked at moved like in guitarhero. Although i think this is good for weight loss with the sweating immediately it has scary side effects. Be careful do not take more than one pill your first time hell i wish they had half doses.

No, I do not recommend this product

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matt truscello | April 19, 2014

I purchased a 120 ct bottle at Gnc. I thought about just getting the newest hydroxycut product, but saw that that ripped had gotten better reviews. I have only positive things to report about the product. It gave me good clean energy with no jitters. I read the other review of this product, but o would always suggest to people that you should not take a thermogenic unless you already are used to a good amount of caffeine. I lost about 5 pounds when I added this product after already losing 25 pounds over 6 months. I would recommend using this with a garcinia product for a great weight loss combination

Yes, I recommend this product

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Daniel Levesque | March 14, 2014


No, I do not recommend this product

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