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Marissa Taylor
By Marissa Taylor
March 10, 2012

Although prescription male enhancement products like Viagra have changed the way men look at issues like Erectile Dysfunction they are not always the solution because your trouble getting it up isn’t always a chronic condition or due to aging. Sometimes it’s more along the lines of a little too much stress at the office or complicated feelings between you and your sexual partner.

That’s why many men are turning towards natural enhancement methods and the market for these products has never had more options for you to choose from. Unfortunately, with all the internet scamming and gimmicks floating around finding a product of good value is not always an easy task.

Erectomax is just one of the many natural male enhancement products making waves in the industry today. Erectomax is a natural formula that claims to enhance your overall performance by providing you with more stamina, strength and energy.

It’s those results that truly set this treatment apart from the others as it doesn’t claim to provide you with the impossible attributes others tend to promise. Apart from improving your sex life this treatment may also help you develop rock hard muscles as it supports your testosterone levels and also enhances your time at the gym. However, before you head off to purchase, it’s important we take a closer look at the facts behind the formula, read on.

What Kind Of Results Can You Expect To See When Using Erectomax?

• Male libido increased
• Sexual performance increased
• Muscle mass gained
• Muscle strength enhanced
• Boosted Energy
• Increased stamina

The official Erectomax website offers a wide range of results as well as percentages for each results provided by clinical testing of the treatment. Speaking for the official website, the makers have developed a secure and professional experience that allows you to feel good about your customer service journey. The formula itself claims to be developed by the scientists behind this natural health providing company, Totally Natural Products and Erectomax seems to be one of their best sellers.

How Does Erectomax Work?

The Erectomax formula’s leading component is the clinically trialed Testofen. Testofen is standardized to be 50% Fenusides which means each tablet is filled to the brim with active ingredients to help you maintain normal testosterone levels. The premise behind this is that when you are maintaining the proper amount of hormones, your body is capable of performing normally and even at an enhanced measure. Erectomax also contains a high potency dose of Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6 which have been proven to aid in the enhancement of your testosterone levels and overall physical health. The formula also includes two remarkable herbs you don’t see every day, Panax Ginseng and Avena Sativa. The first is a herb which promotes physical and mental performance while Avene Sativa has been proven to enhance your libido and support sexual function making them no brain choices for this product.

Should You Purchase Erectomax?

Erectomax seems to be a promising choice if you feel as if your sexual performance and overall health could use a little boost. The formula includes an impressive list of actives as well as the needed clinical testing information to back up its claims.

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Community Rating:
2.5 / 5.0


Pamella | September 15, 2012

You want to be very careful of all of this stuff. Professional weigh lrfetis who understand the mechanics and biology at play in the human body often goof and find themselves in a world of problems. These guys that are serious about it know how to cycle them properly. If you are taking T already you are risking many problems, including reproductive ones. Introducing too much T into your body causes your testicles to shut down because there is enough already in your blood stream. Hence, testicular atrophy. Secondly, if you have too much T in your system, guess what your body does to balance this? Create more estrogen. What does that do? It’s what causes bitch tits or gynecomastia. At your age, not to be rude, it’s pretty early to be tampering with the stuff because unless something is physically wrong, your T should be off the chart right now. Adding T is asking for problems. I know a little about Novedex, but not a lot. Supposedly it stop excess T from aromatization to estrogen. There are various opinions on this with mixed results. I would talk to some of the more serious adult body builders in private at your gym and find out what sports doctor they use. Have a serious talk with this doctor about what you are trying to accomplish and how. You will get the best advice from someone who specializes in this. By tampering with your hormones you are risking all kinds of things like hormone imbalance, testicular atrophy, gynecomastia and even the potentials of heart attack or stroke, even at your age. Be safe, be healthy.

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