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Sheena Jones
By Sheena Jones
February 25, 2013

After age 35, a man’s testosterone levels start declining. And with the testosterone goes many benefits. The good news is natural testosterone supplements such as Everlasting T claim to boost testosterone.

But now the question is: does Everlasting T work?

Below is all the information I gathered while searching for the answer.

The Claims About Everlasting T

The manufacturer makes 3 bold claims about the Everlasting T ingredients:

• Compound 1 increases free testosterone 98% in 8 weeks
• Compound 2 increases free testosterone 33.5% in 8 weeks
• Compound 3 increases testosterone 10.2% in 3 hours

I was very intrigued by these claims. After all, a 98% increase in free testosterone is nothing to sneeze at. But this wouldn’t be the first time a company makes empty claims. So, do the Everlasting T claims have any backing?

Are the Everlasting T Ingredients Researched?

EverlastingT.com made my research very easy because the site provides all the research!

Testofen® (Fenugreek). Men with low testosterone were given Testofen for 8 weeks. During the study, their total and free testosterone increased–free testosterone by 98%. Libido, sexual arousal, and orgasms improved as well.[1] Free testosterone is significant because the body uses it to build muscle, burn fat, and improve sexual function. Testofen® boosts testosterone because it contains saponins — natural steroids.

ZMA Complex. Zinc and magnesium aspartate make up this compound. Zinc alone was proven to elevate testosterone, boost sperm count, and improve sperm motility.[2] Magnesium boosts immunity, enhances energy production, and strengthens bones. When study participants took ZMA, their testosterone levels raised as much as 33.5%.[3]

Testosterone Advantage®. In 3 hours, the average study participant taking Testosterone Advantage® increased testosterone 10.3%. This ingredient is made from calcium fructate. Besides enhancing testosterone production, calcium fructate reduces inflammation and strengthens joints.[4]

So it turns out the company wasn’t just making empty claims. The Everlasting T ingredients are supported by research which proves they dramatically and quickly boost testosterone.

Suggested Use

Each serving is 2 capsules and there are 60 capsules per bottle. Here’s what the official website suggests: “Take 2 capsules 30 minutes before dinner with at least 12-16 ounces of water.”

Two capsules provide these dosages:

• Testofen: 300 mg
• Testosterone Advantage: 118 mg
• Magnesium: 60 mg
• Zinc: 15 mg

These are safe, effective dosages. However, you could safely take 4 capsules daily to get a stronger dosage. Just don’t take more than 4 capsules because they may not contain safe amounts.

Everlasting T can be taken before breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a workout.

Results are optimized when consumers eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly while using Everlasting T.

Women and children under age 18 should not take Everlasting T because it may cause unwanted side effects. For example, women occasionally grow facial hair while using testosterone supplements for men.

Best Place to Buy Everlasting T

EverlastingT.com says, “With no middle-man, we can offer steep discounts” — and the company does.

• 1 bottle (30-day supply): $39.95
• 2 bottles (60-day supply): $79.95
• 3 bottles (90-day supply): $109.95

Standard shipping (4-5 days) for 1 bottle is $4.95. When you buy 2-3 bottles, standard shipping is free. In addition, orders with 2-3 bottles come with 1 or 3 free Invigorate HGH bottles.

Invigorate HGH naturally increases growth hormone, which provides similar benefits as testosterone. Invigorate HGH normally retails for $34.95.

Since Everlasting T may not work for everyone, the company offers a 90-day 100% money back guarantee.

If you use Everlasting T and don’t notice improvements, contact customer service. They’ll provide a return authorization number and return instructions. Send back any bottles you ordered. With the guarantee, you get a full refund for 1 used and all unused bottles.

Contacting the Company

The Everlasting T company provides consumers with 3 contact methods:

• Phone: (866)-602-8216
• Email: Support@EverylastingT.com
• Live Chat: Available on the official website

Customer service is provided by a company called Telestar CRM. When I learned this, I was a little concerned the customer service might not be very good. But I was pleasantly surprised. Each time I contacted the company, they were helpful and well-informed.

Email responses usually came within 1 business day. On chat, it took about 2-6 minutes to get connected with a rep. Making a phone call is the fastest contact method, but it’s also the busiest.

The Better Business Bureau gives Telestar CRM an A- rating. The only reason the rating isn’t higher is because the company hasn’t been in business long enough to meet BBB’s requirement.

Should You Buy Everlasting T?

If you want to avoid low testosterone and its disadvantages, Everlasting T promises to help. This promise is backed by 3 powerful ingredients proven to significantly increase free and total testosterone levels.

Everlasting T contains powerful–yet safe–dosages. It’s easy to use and very affordable. Chances are good Everlasting T will work because it’s backed by research. But in case you don’t get results, the company guarantees you a refund if you return Everlasting T within 90 days.

I recommend buying Everlasting T.


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