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Forged Burner
Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
June 13, 2011

So you’re looking to lose some tummy fat. But is Forged Burner the fat-burning supplement for you?


Forged Burner claims to do many of the great things that body builders look for in a fat-burning supplement. It quashes appetite. It boosts energy. It can even improve your mood, so that you are more motivated to exercise and resist urges to overeat. Or can it?


Forged Burner actually has a few good things going for it. It contains many of the same substances found in other fat-burn oriented supplements, some of which, such as caffeine, have been proven to increase motabolism and curb hunger.

It also contains raspberry ketone, (the chemical in raspberries that make raspberries smell so good) which has proven to help test subjects lose body fat. Forged Burner also contains other substances believed to be beneficial to health and weight loss. But there’s a catch.


Although there are many good ingredients in Forge Burner, users may not actually see any results. There are fourteen listed ingredients found in each 1300 mg capsule of Forge Burner. That is on average a mere 92.86 mg of each substance. Such ingredients such as the before mentioned raspberry ketone must be taken in large amounts in order for there to be any noticeable outcome.

Some of the substances used such as L-Tyrosine and Phenylethylamine Hydrochloride prove to have negligible benefits to mood and cognitive and physical performance, to start off with. The small dosages of the ingredients on Forges Burner have left users with nothing to show for the $20-35 they shoveled out for 60 capsules.


Stay away from this product. There are so many plot holes in this product, that it’s really hard to understand what Forged Burner is all about. The company that makes Forged Burner, Transform Supplements even advises people with several preexisting health risks, and those taking prescription drugs to avoid the supplement all together. Always consult a doctor before taking a new product, because some may be harmful, and some may not be worth your money. Overall, you can do better than Forged Burner.

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