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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
February 6, 2010

Many believe that Formadrol Extreme is the key to boosting testosterone levels and building muscle, and countless consumers report that Formadrol Extreme is “the best test booster in existence.”

Created by LG Sciences, Formadrol Extreme supposedly has all the ingredients your body needs to amp your testosterone levels while keeping estrogen conversion to a minimum, so you can optimize your performance and get more satisfying reps at the gym.

But will this simple formula produce amazing results? Keep reading to find out.

Inside Formadrol Extreme

Formadrol V2 combines two of the best-known anti-estrogen ingredients to make one killer product whether you are on cycle or off cycle.

4-Hydroxy Androstenedione is fondly known as “the suicide inhibitor.” This ingredient is proven to bind to Aromatase, which is the powerful enzyme that converts Testosterone into Estrogen.

Estrogen conversion through Aromatase is one key factor in destroying your gains and stopping you from being lean and vascular – so it’s definitely a good idea to take a healthy dose of this ingredient on a regular basis if you want to get your testosterone levels up and running.

On cycle, 4-Hydroxy Androstenedione is a great way to prevent the symptoms of extra estrogen, such as gyno and increased water weight. Off cycle, it provides a positive testosterone to estrogen ratio that can help you build more muscle than ever before.

Next we’ll take a look at Diadzin, a phyto-chemical that acts in two great ways in the body. One, it is a competitive estrogen inhibitor, which like Nolva and Clomid, prevents binding of real estrogen to your receptors. Two, it is shown in the literature to be a partial binder of 5 alpha reductase (5aR).

Pricing and Guarantee

Currently Formadrol Extreme retails for nearly $60 a bottle, but don’t let that scare you away. A single bottle of Formadrol Extreme can be purchased for less than half the retail price ($22.95) depending on which seller you go through.

Although Formadrol Extreme is not backed with an amazing guarantee, you won’t lose too much of an investment if it doesn’t work for you.

What We Think about Formadrol Extreme

For the record, Formadrol has some amazing consumer reviews, and countless consumers have experienced positive results while using this product. Many customers have reported a dramatic boost in libido and sexual strength and stamina (a definite perk of an increase in testosterone), and for its low price, it’s hard to find a better product.

As an aromatase inhibiter, Formadrol definitely has a great deal of potential, providing 2 active ingredients clinically proven to produce results. When used correctly, it can reduce estrogen conversion, so you can make the most out the testosterone already in your body.

But as a muscle builder? Not so much. While increasing testosterone and decreasing estrogen is the first step to sculpting those muscles, it’s not enough to get the ripped look you’ve always wanted. It takes a great deal of hard work, and you may even need to stack this formula with other muscle-building supplements in order to get the complete results you’re looking for.

Check below for Formadrol Extreme reviews.

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4.8 / 5.0


sam | April 10, 2011

My wow, my sex drive was amazing after I started using this a week after I took it I was masturbating to lois griffing from family guy in front of the tv, sadly my wifes best friend walked in on me and she decided to jump on top of me and when we got done my wow I went threemore times in a row my d felt like it was ready to blow up cuz it was so hard it makes me wanna hump evrything that moves, thanks to this product I get to do the nastay wit my wifes best hot blone friend

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Steven | November 3, 2010
Love Formadrol!

I love me some Formadrol Extreme. I have used a total of 3 bottles of this stuff and love it. I have used it as a part of an over the counter PCT and my junk was filling back up within a week of starting the product. I can’t tell you how nice it was to see that the boys were back in town.

I have also used it as a Test Booster on its own. I felt it about day 4-5 increased alpha male feeling, and by day 7 some good positive aggression in the gym. Excellent product with nice strength increases as well even during a PCT.

Oh yeah, you can tell the anti estrogen is really working because you drop any excess water almost immediately. Libido is excellent on it too.

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Charles | November 3, 2010
Great for pct

I was very surprised to see how well this jumped started my boys in pct. The size and nature of them became apparent within days of pct, which is something worth noting. Libido returned very quickly. Mood was where it needed to be. I even had added aggression comparable to that of being on cycle. It made pct a breeze!

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Phillip | October 11, 2010
Underrated test booster

I don’t see enough attention on Formadrol and it truly saddens me. It really deserves my credit. It does in fact work as an aromatase inhibitor and that is what it is marketed as but it doesn’t get enough attention on its test boosting capability. I have gotten incredible results that cannot go ignored. I wake up feeling like I just got the best sleep of my life. I feel fully recovered. My muscles are tighter and need to be broken down again. They are BEGGING for it! I hope the world catches on to what I have found because my life is all the more better having found it.

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Lorn | October 10, 2010

Sex drive was up the wall! I used it as a pct for Natadrol and I could feel it working just a day or two into pct. I expected a minor decrease in sex drive considering Natadrol is an androgen but I was incredibly…ahem…excited if you know what I mean lol.

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Billy of New York, USA | October 16, 2007
Stuff is Amazing!

This is by far better than Novadex XT. Actually makes me jump right off cycle after I’m done. Was taking 2 bottles of Original HD. The day I was done with my cycle I started this, and I noticed everything was jump started back to normal. Amazing! Got it at []

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