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Fortesta Gel
Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
April 9, 2013

There are plenty of options to raise testosterone, some easier than others. What if you could raise testosterone simply by applying a small amount of clear, colorless, odorless gel called Fortesta Gel?

Fortesta Gel is a prescription medication for adult males with low or no testosterone. Essentially, it is a topical testosterone gel that is applied on the inner thighs and absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream.

While Fortesta Gel may be easy to use, is it safe and effective?

Who Should Use Fortesta Gel?

The company that makes Fortesta Gel is clear that only those with a prescription should use it. Additionally, it should only be used by those with low testosterone levels.

The following people should not use Fortesta Gel:
• Women and children
• Those under age 18
• Those with enlarged prostate glands
• Those with breast or prostate cancer

How Do You Use Fortesta Gel?

To apply Fortesta Gel, follow these steps:
1. Before your first use, prime the canister by pushing down on the pump 8 times over a sink, then wash away any gel dispensed.
2. Pump the gel directly onto the front or inner area of each thigh. The skin should be clean and dry.
3. Rub Fortesta Gel evenly on the front or inner area of each thigh using one finger.
4. Wash hands with soap and water.
5. Let the application sites dry for a few minutes, and then cover with clothing.

The starting dose of Fortesta is 40 mg of testosterone (4 pump actuations) applied once daily. The dose can be adjusted between 10 mg (1 pump) and 70 mg (7 pumps), based on testosterone concentrations determined from a blood test.

Fortesta Gel also issues the following warnings about using:
• Avoid swimming, showering, or bathing for 2 hours after application
• Avoid fire, flames, and smoking after application, as the gel is flammable
• Do not apply to the genitals, stomach area, shoulders, or upper arms
• Do not allow other people to contact the area where the gel was applied, as it can transfer from your body to others. If someone else comes in contact with the area (particularly women or children), have them wash with soap and water. See a doctor if they experience side effects or symptoms.

Does Fortesta Gel Work?

Fortesta Gel has been tested in one study supported by Endo Pharmaceuticals, the makers of Fortesta Gel. [1]

In this study, 149 patients applied Fortesta Gel for a period of 90 days. Of the 138 patients who completed the study, about 75% restored testosterone levels. The gel was also said to be well tolerated, with some instances of skin reactions.

The study pointed out that Fortesta Gel is unique among testosterone gels. Other testosterone gels have1% testosterone concentrations, while Fortesta Gel has 2%. These gels require more medication to be applied in order to have an effect, and are often applied to the abdomen area, whereas Fortesta Gel is applied on the thighs.

This study shows Fortesta Gel has promise. However, the study was sponsored by the company, so it would be beneficial to see a more impartial study.

Additionally, as Fortesta Gel is a new product, customer reviews are not yet widespread. A few customers shared their results on Here are some examples of reviews:
• “I am 43, my T levels were below 200, I had no libido and fatigue. I am now using 8 pumps per day, my PSA’s have been great, my pressure is great, my muscle mass is growing, my T levels are above 700 . . . I’m VERY happy with Fortesta.” (Harley)
• “Been taking this for a week and can already tell a big difference . . . easy to use but expensive.” (austin2408)
• “I can say my mood has been better but still feel drained.” (Venomous76)

Buying Fortesta Gel

As Fortesta Gel is a prescription medication, it is not available for purchase online. However, does offer a patient savings program, where you receive no cost on your first redemption of Fortesta Gel, and pay no more than $25 for each of your next 23 refills.

If you believe you are a good candidate for trying Fortesta Gel, you should talk to a doctor.

Fortesta Gel: Our Opinion

Fortesta Gel is a powerful gel intended for use only by those who have extremely low testosterone levels. If you already have a stable amount of testosterone but simply want to raise levels, this product isn’t for you.

However, if you struggle with low testosterone, you may want to talk to your doctor about Fortesta Gel. But don’t look at Fortesta Gel as your only option; after all, its results are largely unproven, and the product may be unsafe.

Instead, there are plenty of safe testosterone boosting supplements available that are proven to work.


[1] Adrian S. Dobs et al. “A Novel Testosterone 2% Gel for the Treatment of Hypogonadal Males.” Journal of Andrology. 2012; 33 (4): 601-607. Available from:

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