Garcinia Cambogia Reviews

Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
March 6, 2010

Garcinia cambogia is a popularly used ingredient in weight loss referred to as the source of an ingredient called HCA or Hydroxy-Citric acid. This has been used on its own and in combination with other ingredients, and it has been said to be completely stimulant free and for that matter it has been said to be a potent fat burner.

Now when used on its own, if you use 1500mg, any form of garcinia cambogia can technically speaking promote greater fat burning and weight loss. If you happen to use the right amounts of these ingredients, you can achieve all the better that you are looking for. And with 1500mg, obviously you are not likely to get this as most companies will simply not come through. But should you find this, you can get greater results.

This being said, it is recognized however to be more powerful with chromium and gymnema sylvestre. This makes a weight loss combination that literally multiplies the possible results, again if you use at least 1500mg of garcinia cambogia. The trick is getting the right amounts that will give you all of the greater benefits.

There has been some recent controversy surrounding garcinia cambogia because of one site. There is one site and one site alone that has talked about it being the reason why Hydroxycut products were recalled. But no studies show any side effects with garcinia cambogia. No case reports show any serious side effects with garcinia cambogia. In all reality, the simple fact is that garcinia cambogia does not actually give you any problems. It is just capable of benefits if used correctly.

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