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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
February 6, 2010

The effects of decreased HGH have been known for several years now, and there have always been products on the market designed to help increase the levels of HGH in the body. Most of the earlier products utilized synthetic combinations, which proved to have adverse effects on the body.

Since then, far more all-natural treatments have come on to the market. For example, GHR 15 is an all-natural HGH booster, not a hormone. It’s an all natural compound that stimulates the release of your own growth hormone.

Rather than injecting the body with HGH, researchers have found that it is far more effective to help the body to produce the hormone naturally.

The manufacturers advertise that soon after you begin taking this product, you’ll notice changes in your appearance and overall health. These are great promises, but we decided to see whether they were legitimate.

GHR 15 Ingredients

GHR 15’s manufacturers understand that the anterior pituitary glands are vitally important in the production process of HGH, and so have included several ingredients that stimulate the function of those glands, as well as ingredients that help all along the way.

The first ingredient on the list is Anterior Pituitary (bovine source), closely followed by Hypothalamus, Essential Amino Acids Blend, Phytosterol Complex, and Soy Phosphatide Complex. All of these ingredients are helpful to incorporating the entire HGH production process and get the body’s natural juices flowing again.

We do have one qualm about this list of ingredients. Though it does list that it has an Essential Amino Acids Blend, it does not list what those amino acids are or in what doses they appear. This proprietary blend is usually used in order to hide what types of ingredients are in the blends.

For this reason, it is impossible to tell if these ingredients are effective or whether they are the right kinds of amino acids to help with the production of HGH.

GHR 15 Consumer Reviews

Consumer reviews that we found on GHR 15 were a bit mixed. Some experienced lukewarm effects, while others thought that it was a wonderful product. This is quite similar to many reviews we see for HGH supplements. Since this product uses similar ingredients that others do, it makes sense that it would have similar effects.

We would like to note that the scientific evidence that supports the benefits of HGH may not be directly linked to supplements that profess to help increase HGH production. Most of the ingredients included in these types of supplements have not been corroborated by scientific review.

Our Recommendation

As far as GHR 15 goes, we were not particularly impressed. Though it includes many ingredients that can help to support the production of HGH, it does not list all of them or how much there is of them.

The only way to be sure that you are getting the best benefits for your money is to have a clear list of the dosages as well as ingredients. Without knowing how much of each ingredient is included in this product, we do not recommend using this supplement.

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4.5 / 5.0


Valerie | October 6, 2011

Its been about 2 and a half weeks since both myself and husband began taking this phenomenal product, and it most definitely has lived up to its name, as we are seeing lots of positive changes taking place. Our energy, vision, strength, clarity, and sleep patterns have all noticably improved, and if this is any indication of how effective GHR 15 is, then we have a great deal more to look forward to. I do know that any formula that kick starts our pituitary gland to secrete its own HGH is a winner. From there our own mechanisms take over..therefore taking GHR 15 makes a lot more sense then spending massive amounts of money on other products that do the same thing, and with the more expensive formulas what your really paying for is larger amounts of amino acids which really mean nothing in the long run since bottom line is same result, and that is secreting your own HGH.

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