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GNC Mega Men Sport
Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
May 25, 2011

Most workout aids for men are supplements that want to change the way your body works to ensure that more nutrients are delivered to the muscles, enhancing body mass and burning fat. Few products actually want to increase the amount of nutrients you’re actually taking in, however.

But that’s exactly what GNC is trying to do with Mega Men Sport.

Mega Men Sport is a multivitamin that combines nutrients designed to support the health, athletic performance, and intensity of men seeking to improve their physical stamina. This time-released formula contains vitamins and minerals proven to be essential ingredients that are often missed in daily diets.

Is a multivitamin really a worthwhile investment in an industry where so many workout supplements promise so much more? In this review, we’ll explore exactly what Mega Men Sport does, the ingredients it uses, and whether it makes good financial sense. Then you can decide for yourself if this product is right for you.

What Does Mega Men Sport Do?

Mega Men Sport proposes to boost the health of the active man on several levels, from increased energy to antioxidant protection.

By using a blend of several vitamins and minerals, Mega Men Sport works to boost energy production and carbohydrate metabolism, stimulate the body’s natural creatine production, preserve muscle glycogen stores, and prevent tearing and other problems affecting the joints.

It also provides antioxidant protection, which will ward off free radicals that can damage the muscles and lead to long-term harm.

What Ingredients are in Mega Men Sport?

Mega Men Sport contains more than 30 ingredients in its formula, which can be easily found on the company website. For the purposes of this review, however, we’ll go over the most active ingredients in Mega Men Sport and tell you what they do keep your body healthy and functioning.

L-Arginine and L-Citrulline combine to promote the release of nitric oxide, a molecule that opens pathways for greater blood flow and nutrient delivery to the muscles.
L-Glutamine is an amino acid involved in protein synthesis. This ingredient hydrates muscle cells and provides energy as well as protection from soreness and injury.
B Vitamins are included in many forms, and help to boost energy and up carbohydrate metabolism
Zinc is an essential part of the insulin molecule, and helps to maximize its effects. It also plays an important role in the digestion of proteins in the body.
Chromium is another ingredient that is involved in carbohydrate metabolism. It has been included in may fat burners for its ability to decrease fatty stores around muscles and lower cholesterol levels.

It also bears noting that several of the ingredients in Mega Men Sport are provided in quantities sufficient to account for 100 percent of your daily recommended allotment, so you’re boosting health as well as energy.

How Much Does GNC Mega Men Sport Cost?

You can get one 90-caplet bottle of Mega Men Sport for $19.99. With a recommended dosage of two pills per day, that equates to about $20 for a month-and-a-half of multivitamin.

Considering what you’re getting for that price, we think that’s a pretty fair deal.


While there are so many ingredients in Mega Men Sport that they can’t all possibly be effective, we believe you’re getting a good nutritional boost from taking this supplement—particularly with regard to the ingredients that are included in 100 percent of their daily recommended intake quantities.

While you won’t see the same level of response from this multivitamin as you would a traditional workout supplement, we think this is a great way to make sure you’re getting the nutrients you need to stay healthy while living an active lifestyle.

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