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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
February 6, 2010

Burning fat is already hard enough. When you throw “lack of energy” into the mix, it becomes almost impossible. Pro Performance Thermo Burst has been specifically formulated to increase your energy levels and speed up the rate with which your body burns fat.

A product like Pro Performance Thermo Burst has the potential to make weight loss easier and long-lasting. It should help you have more energy to exercise; and it should cause fat to burn more easily, so you don’t have to work quite as hard.

Will Pro Performance Thermo Burst actually work? Take a look at the ingredients and see for yourself.

Ingredients in Pro Performance Thermo Burst

The first ingredient in the formula of Pro Performance Thermo Burst is Yerba Mate extract. It is supposed to control appetite, reduce stress, and eliminate fatigue. This ingredient has a reputation for being beneficial, but there is no conclusive evidence to support the claims.

Guarana Seed extract and Black Tea Leaves extract have high caffeine contents. Caffeine can stimulate fat burn in your body and it also suppresses appetite. Guarana is a high-quality ingredient. However, Black Tea Leaves are not as powerful as other forms of tea extract and it has not been clinically proven.

The Pros of Pro Performance Thermo Burst

• Pro Performance Thermo Burst had some positive customer reviews. The average rating that it received from one set of reviews was 4 out of 5.
• This weight loss supplement was affordable. The retail price for a month supply was $39.99. It could be purchased from a variety of online and in-store retailers.
• The manufacturing company, GNC, does offer a 30 day money back guarantee. The product must be returned in good condition and can be used or unused.

The Cons of Pro Performance Thermo Burst

• Pro Performance Thermo Burst is no longer available for sale online. It has been replaced by a new and improved product from GNC. To learn more about the most recent version of this supplement, read this Pro Performance Thermo Burst Hardcore review
• While it was available, the ingredients that Pro Performance Thermo Burst used were not the best for promoting weight loss. They had some ability to burn fat or increase metabolism, but they were either not very strong or not clinically proven.
• Although, Pro Performance Thermo Burst did receive a rating of 4 out of 5, the rating came from 11 reviews. That is too small a sample size to be very significant or accurate.

Our Opinion

Pro Performance Thermo Burst is no longer available for sale; but even if it were, we still would not recommend that you try it. You will only get your money’s worth from weight loss supplements that have powerful ingredients. Pro Performance Thermo Burst did not have these. The chances that this product would have burned fat, suppressed appetite, or increased metabolism are slim.

If you are interested in the newer version of Pro Performance Thermo Burst, we suggest that you read the review. Or, you could read the reviews for our top-rated weight loss supplements. They are the best because they have powerful ingredients and consistently receive positive feedback from customers.

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4.1 / 5.0


chris | November 3, 2011

thermo burst is awesome

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Lee | October 31, 2010
Caffeine alert!

For all of you who are sensitive to caffeine, I would recommend not trying. I took 3 caps with water, and barfed an hour later…the caffeine concentration caused a stomach irritation.

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Henry Monge from Costa Rica | October 7, 2010

I’ve been using this for almost a month now, I can say that this is not going to burn all your fat away without work, but this will give energy, I’m a mixed martial arts fighter and I bought this to lose around 12 pounds in one month, and not only did it help me do more exhaustive cardio because of the good energy it gave me but also I’m flying with my fight cardio! I can go 5 rounds like nothing! and that is definately because of this.
I reccomend it if you need that extra push for your workout but if you want results you are going to work for them!
P.S. I lost the 12 pounds! (this+good cardio+good diet=fat loss)

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someone | September 6, 2010

thermo burst is better than all energy bars. i HATE energy bars, they dont help me. thermo burst is my extra help!

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ThatEricDude | August 6, 2010

I used Thermo Burst in high school when I played and trained for football. Let me just say this stuff is excelent! I just bought some because I plan to get back in shape again and i plan on taking them to the DOME!!

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DerekG | July 29, 2010
Decent energy booster.

I’d purchased these off and on over the past few years I’ve been working out, and usually because they were always on sale at GNC ranging from $10-20, and for that price a month supply is well worth it.
The taste is somewhat odd. Cinnamony almost. It can cause a heating sensation in your throat and stomach. That may just be my genetics that responded that way, but I’ve heard of similar feelings.
I don’t have too much to say other than as an ENERGY supplement, it worked just fine. Particularly on those sleepy or tiresome days. As a weight gaining or building supplement, I noticed nothing.

For what it is being an affordable and very cost efficient booster, it’s worth the money. Not the best, nor the worst, but if you can snag it for under $20 go for it.

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Chris of Virginia, USA | September 22, 2008
This Actually A Good Product.

I have read the post that said there are better. Which there probably is. But for people such as myself who are just getting back into a regular excercise routine,this is a GREAT product. Let me explain. I am 35 years old and after being discharged from the US Navy 4 years ago I have put on 60 pounds! The FIRST day I used this product I noticed that my ENERGY level increased DRAMATICALLY. Now for someone who has been working out regularly for several years,this product may not be anything to write home about. But for someone just starting out or just getting back into working out,I’d recommend this product 100%.

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monster of Ohio, USA | March 12, 2008
great product

i used this product one time and the experience was incredible. it was my sophomore year of high school and i was a little chubby so i thought i would try it. my max out on bench was usually 205, squat around 285 and hang cleaned 185. i took this on an empty stomach before going to the weight room and i skyrocketted on everything. my bench went from 205 to 225. my squat went from 285 to 325 and my clean went from 185 to 205. this was only a one time experience too…right now i plan to bulk up and when im where i want to be im going to take thermo burst to get cut and maintain my srenghth…great product especially for immediate gains of strength.

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John of Rhode Island, USA | February 12, 2008
GNC Thermo Burst

Thermo Burst is not a weight loss product but a combination of metabolism curve as well as cardio, strength, and stamina increaser for workouts. You can’t sit on your can and lose weight with it. If you see bad reviews on this product it is because the people using it were not using it for its intended purpose. It is not TrimSpa.

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Erick of North Carolina, USA | February 9, 2008
Definitely Works

I bought this product thinking it was just a metabolism booster. Over time I began thinking the product wasn’t having much more of an effect, and it was my long workouts on my stairmaster that were causing my weight loss…so I stopped taking it. INSTANTLY I noticed that my cardio endurance went from great (40 minutes on the stairmaster) to normal (25-30 minutes on the stairmaster). The difference was so noticeable that I went back to read the Thermo Burst package a bit harder and that’s when I realized that it impacts cardio endurance, rather than just being a metabolism booster. So no placebo effect here. The stuff works.

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Evan of Michigan, USA | August 4, 2006
There are better!

While using this product I was less than impresesd. I have tried quite a few products like this one, and foudn that BSN’s Thermonex is a better choice. I did, however, notice a mild increase in energy, but it was minimal compared to that of Thermonex.

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