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Brian Green
By Brian Green
June 6, 2013

GNC released a new testosterone booster purported to prime bodies to “peak performance.” Called Pro Performance Hybrid Test Complex, this new product is intended for males looking to boost testosterone levels, build muscles, and achieve better physical performance.

GNC is known for producing quality products at reasonable prices. To find out if Hybrid Test Complex continues this tradition, I researched the product.

What’s in Hybrid Test Complex?

Taken daily in 3 capsule doses, Hybrid Test Complex provides 2 ingredients to raise testosterone, promote anabolic activities, and improve performance.

Tribulus Terrestris Fruit Extract (1000 mg)
Clinical studies show tribulus terrestris supplementation raises testosterone levels in primates and other animals.[1]

However, tribulus terrestris supplementation does not produce better anabolic results or performance. A 5-week clinical study involving 22 Australian male rugby players shows tribulus terrestris does not produce noticeable gains in strength or lean muscle mass.[2]

Testofen Fenugreek Seed Extract (600 mg)
It’s unclear whether fenugreek enhances testosterone production and physical performance.

One clinical study involving 30 men shows fenugreek supplementation producing significant increases in testosterone levels, more lean muscle mass, and better physical performance.[3]

However, researchers in another clinical study involving 45 males concluded “supplementation of fenugreek extract does not appear to affect hormonal status. . . and shows no anabolic potential.”[4]

More clinical research is needed to determine whether fenugreek has a positive effect on testosterone production and anabolic factors.

Do These Ingredients Cause Side Effects?

Fenugreek causes side effects like diarrhea, bloating, and a “maple syrup” odor in urine.[5]

Other reports indicate these ingredients might decrease blood sugar. People taking diabetes medications should not take Hybrid Test Complex as the combination could lower blood sugar to dangerous levels.[6][7]

Purchasing Hybrid Test Complex

Since Hybrid Test Complex is a GNC product, it retails at most GNC stores.

If you’re shopping online, you have a few options for one 90-capsule bottle.

• $24.29 plus $4.38 shipping and handling
• $26.99 with free shipping and handling
• $26.99 with free shipping and handling

Both and offer 30-day money-back guarantees. However, may be the better deal as it accepts returns on opened and used products, only accepts returns on unopened products.[8][9]

Final Thoughts on Hybrid Test Complex

GNC may not have developed a worthwhile testosterone booster in Hybrid Test Complex.

While I like that GNC shares dosage information on Hybrid Test Complex’s ingredients, it doesn’t change the fact that the ingredients are unproven and may cause side effects.

Since this product is new, I suggest waiting for some user reviews before deciding whether to try Hybrid Test Complex. While it may work for some people, I don’t see much to justify the price GNC is asking.


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USMCGRUNT777 | June 8, 2014

I’ve started noticing a definite difference within a week/ week and a half. I’ve definetly got bigger and a lot more defined. I’m almost done with it and don’t know if you have to take a post test or anything or what. If anyone’s knows please let me know.

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