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Good ‘N Natural Water Pill
Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
May 12, 2011

So far, Good ‘N Natural Water Pill has built up quite the reputation for itself. It comes from a company known for affordable health supplements that generally seem to work, and while the results seem to be somewhat short lived at times, it doesn’t promise anything more.

Good ‘N Natural Water Pill’s advertising is entirely focused on reducing water weight and thereby reducing bloating right now. It doesn’t necessarily take into account the fat burners, appetite suppressants, or other more accepted weight loss ingredients that you would need to keep it off for more than a few days at a time.

Who Does Good ‘N Natural Water Pill Sell To?

The most obvious group would be the impatient. Good ‘N Natural Water Pill sells to people who want to lose so much weight right now, people who feel that they simply cannot wait. But there are other groups who might benefit from Good ‘N Natural Water Pill. Obviously, you would want to talk to your doctor first. But some have used natural diuretics like Good ‘N Natural Water Pill for something as simple as high blood pressure, not weight loss at all.

And there are many others, mostly professionals, who have used diuretics like Good ‘N Natural Water Pill to get more cut, defined, and ready for shows, weigh ins, and other events. Wrestlers are known for regularly using measures such as diuretics, and bodybuilders look substantially different before and during shows as compared to everyday life, in part because virtually every bodybuilder uses diuretics prior to shows. But keep in mind, diuretics have never been known to cut away fat.

Should You Use Good ‘N Natural Water Pill?

If you’re a professional bodybuilder preparing for a show, it almost seems mandatory to use a diuretic, and Good ‘N Natural Water Pill provides the same basic diuretics as everybody else for a considerably lower price. Most diuretics we find sell for $20-$40 a bottle.

But if you’re sincerely trying to lose weight and you want something to jump start your diet, don’t confuse Good ‘N Natural Water Pill even for a second with a cleanse. It is not the same thing. A cleanse tends to improve health and promote long term effects while Good ‘N Natural Water Pill is a fast but temporary solution.

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