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Marissa Taylor
By Marissa Taylor
March 29, 2012

When consumers want a reliable HCG formula, they often turn to HCG Platinum products to give them the extra boost they need to carry on. Why?

Because HCG Platinum X-30 Plus is confidence in a bottle, or so manufacturers would have us believe. Not only will this formula provide you with the perfect blend of amino acids to unlock your body’s fat burning potential, but advertisers claim that this proprietary blend will help you lose weight without the actual hormone.

While we appreciate the extra support HCG Platinum provides with its 30 day diet pill, providing recipes and healthy tips and tricks, we can’t help but wonder if this product is hiding anything up its proverbial sleeve.

An HCG product without any HCG? Will it work?

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What HCG Platinum X-30 Consumers Have to Say:

“I was able to drop 44 lbs.!!! It is a great jumpstart to a healthy lifestyle.” ~ Drew

“I’ve tried many fad diets, but this helped me to lose 47 lbs.” ~ Ellen

“Not only did I lose 22 lbs., but…When I wake up, I feel rested, peaceful, and very energetic all day long.” ~ Janice

Please consider these are from the official website, and may not prove completely reliable. “Before” and “after” pictures are also available.

What HCG Platinum Has to Say:

Using the power of an HCG Platinum Brand Amino Acid Blend which contains 19 forms of “L-amino acids” to stimulate the area of the brain which triggers weight loss, African Mango a high-fiber appetite suppressant and blood sugar regulator, and vitamin B-12 the “energy vitamin” to prevent “diet fatigue”, HCG Platinum believes this 30-day program will:

• Help your body let go of stubborn body fat for good
• Cleanse and detoxify your body
• Give you energy
• Help you lose the weight you desire to—in as little as 30 days

The HCG Platinum X-30 Plus program includes one bottle (2 ozs) of HCG Platinum, and a Diet Program Booklet which includes 14 diet recipes, and coupons for future HCG Product savings.

What HCG Platinum Doesn’t Tell You:

What you’re not being told is the diet plan you use in conjunction with HCG Platinum is bound to be extremely strict—only around 500 calories—and needs to be adhered to completely for you to see any results.

Don’t plan on eating any foods containing high-fats, starches or sugars.

The HCG Platinum X-30 Plus Bottom Line:

Please do not start any HCG diet without first consulting your physician. Even HCG Platinum emphasizes this. HCG can prove to be a very effective diet supplement and fat burner, but it’s not without its sacrifices.

You must be completely onboard with the program, and determined to finally lose the weight!

Plan on doing the HCG Platinum X-30 Plus program for one-month ($75.99), but most users require at least two to see the results they desire. Due to this you can receive a $22 savings if you order 2 programs in your first order.

Again, make sure you’re ready for the commitment levels HCG Platinum X-30 Plus requires.

Good luck!

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Leslie | March 29, 2015
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I love these drops, I’ve been on them for 28 days and have lost 22 lbs, I’m never hungry and I’m never tired, I have stuck to the diet exactly and have gone to gym 4 days a week, I highly recommend these drops.

Yes, I recommend this product

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kiana collier | May 2, 2013

i have been using this product now for almost three weeks and i can truly say it works i have lost 18 pounds so far. i would truly recommend this product.

Yes, I recommend this product

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Tanya Dames | January 24, 2013

I have lose 40lbs on this program and love it…I have no side effects and the body I wanted, after years of baby fat and becoming depressed over my weight, I finally found a product the WORKS…I was a size 16 now a size 10 with my goal being a size 8. My friends are chasing me for the secret. I simply say HCG – Platinum X30.

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