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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
February 6, 2010

You no longer have to mix your pre workout powder in a glass of water 15 minutes before driving to the gym. With Hemo Rage Black, you can take a small bottle with you and drink a shot right before you begin working out.

According to the creators of Hemo Rage Black, their product can give you up to 8 hours of energy.

Hemo Rage Black was created by Nutrex Research and is designed to optimize your performance by increasing energy and improving awareness. The creators claim that their product is only for the most serious of trainers. We decided to see just what makes Hemo Rage Black so special.

What Makes Hemo Rage Black Unique?

According to the makers of Hemo Black Rage, their product is more powerful than any other pre-workout supplement around. They even place a warning on the label, telling consumers that it may be too strong for some individuals.

So what makes Hemo Rage Black so powerful that it may be too strong for some individuals? Could it be the arginine? Doubtful. Although arginine has been shown to increase muscle gains through nitric oxide production, many pre workout supplements contain it and it is far from unique to Hemo Rage Black.

The same goes for beta-alanine, and caffeine, all of which are found in Hemo Rage Black. These ingredients are helpful in enhancing your performance in the gym, but they aren’t necessarily unique or extra powerful.

That leaves ingredients like DMAA, Taurine, and Huperzine A. Taurine is a chemical designed to build skeletal muscle and regulate lipid metabolism, so nothing really special there. Huperzine A is commonly used to improve brain function and can help increase mental focus. DMAA is both unique and powerful and is most likely the ingredient used to give you extreme results. DMAA has been shown to boost energy much more efficiently than caffeine; giving you extreme energy while training.

Besides ingredients, Hemo Rage Black is also unique in its delivery method. We have all seen the commercials for Five Hour Energy where the consumer simply takes a shot of the stuff and has energy for five hours. Hemo Rage Black is essentially the same thing, but with a kick. Since Hemo Rage Black contains DMAA, it is likely to give you a longer-lasting boost of energy and when ingredients like beta alanine and arginine are factored in, you have a single shot of performance enhancing ingredients.


• Comes in small shots; making it easy to carry and consume. You no longer have to mix a pre-workout powder with water.
• Powerful ingredients like arginine, beta alanine, and DMAA.
• Positive consumer reviews.


• DMAA is banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency and other organizations and may cause serious side effects.
• The cost per day of Hemo Rage Black is around $3.50. That’s around $60 per month.

What We Suggest

Hemo Rage Black clearly isn’t for everyone because it contains very powerful stimulants that may lead to serious damage. In fact, users are directed to start by taking just a half a shot of Hemo Rage Black to determine their tolerance level. If you are looking for modest gains and a small boost of energy during workouts, Hemo Rage Black is not for you. This product can be dangerous and should be taken only if you are looking for serious gains and extreme energy and focus during training sessions.

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Community Rating:
3.4 / 5.0


Don | September 9, 2012

Sad thing to say, but a $21.00 product for pre-workout I bought from walgreens has done way more than this crap. Very dissatisfied. plus the tub I recieved of hemo black was all dryed up and compacted, had the crush the stuff up. Very ill with this and ill stick with the walgreens stuff!

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James Spartan | October 9, 2011

I am NOT! impressed at all with the Hemo Black. I wish I hadn’t bought a $60 tub of it. I’m not saying cancel the product, but maybe like most here have insinuated, it just needs to be reworked at the lab.

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Randall Bowker | April 18, 2011

I have been weight lifting/intense weighted Crossfit/endurance training for close to 8 years now and have used an extensive list of sport enhancing supplements. My focus is more towards muslce endurance, stamina and definition than towards brute strength and size. I saw this product on the shelf at the store and had only read a few reviews on it, both for and against and neutral. I researched the product a bit before I purchased it and was actually excited to try it. When I looked at the ingredient list, it struck me as almost being like “legal Cocaine.” I expected this product to blow me out of the water. I was wrong.
I personally have a high tolerance to caffeine, taurine, B-6/12 and other energy inducing agents, and also to NO inducing agents, so that is probably a major factor behind this review. I used one scoop the first time, and was very disappointed in this product. I did not feel a surge of energy (an extremely important factor for my uses,) or the enhanced pumps and vascularity caused by the NO running through my system with this product, even when I used two scoops the second time and every time since. All times I took it 30 minutes prior to beginning my sessions, and I have yet to feel that “Superman” feeling that I desire and expect. It felt like nothing more than drinking a cup of coffee prior to hitting the floor.
Overall, I would not recommend this product. It is overpriced, lacks in claimed performance and the ingredient quotas are unspecified. Though this product seems to replace several things, it can be surpassed with something such as NOExplode, USPLabs Jack3D, GaspariNutrition Plasma Jet (by far my favorite pre-workout item) and NanoVapor in conjunction with a teaspoon or so of simple GNC Creatine Mono-Hydrate to push the limits of muscle burn-out (and all for equivalent or cheaper price.) Again, it’s a good replacement for a cup of coffee in the morning, but really not much else.

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CM | April 15, 2011

Mind you I rarely write a review about anything but in this case I had to. I’ve always been loyal to “Jack3d” and for the most part it still works.

As you’re always told you should switch things up every so often and so I did. I decided to try “Hemo Rage” and can honestly say this is the best Pre-workout I’ve ever tried!

With this product I could feel my strength enhanced and let me also mention you’ll be sweating off a whole lot of FAT!!!

I am going to recommend this to all of my friends who workout!!! Good SH** !!!!

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kevin | April 1, 2011
not what i expected

this product is mediocre at best. ive tried all kinds of pre workouts and this doesnt add up to jack3d or xpand in my opinion. after a half hour of being at the gym i feel fatigued and almost want to vomit. no other pre workout supplements have given me this kind of reaction. it does give a nice pump and gives you a decent amount of energy. it just doesnt last long enough and feel like shit every time i take it. definitely not a product i would buy again.

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JD | March 14, 2011

I didn’t really care for Hemo rage black,catchy looking containers but not all that. ,I was pissing a lot halfway thru my workout & a couple hours when I got home. Not a product for me, I’m sticking to jack3d & I just started No explode,good stuff!

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Declan O'Sullivan | March 3, 2011
Look around for better

I have tried jacked and decided to give Hemo rage a go, I must agree with the other reviews i have read, 1 scoop has no effect whatsoever, 2 scoops is slightly better, Jacked is much better, at 15 servings a tub this is a very pricecy can of RED BULL.

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andrew | January 19, 2011
Good Stuff

to begin with, i’ve used almost everything out there. hemo rage is a well put together product. i was scetchy at first but my first serving blew that doubt away. i’m 5’11” and weigh 193, lifting for a little over 5 years. one and a half scoop, is enough for me. the pump, the focus and obsession i had to lift more increased over the hour and a half. With no crash, no side effects, just one hungry stomach. so i will 100% but this product again.

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Tim Berfield | December 28, 2010

I picked this up at a local store because I ran out of my usual brand. I didn’t get a giant surge of energy from this product but I did get a very good pump during my workout. Also, the energy from Hemo Rage stays with you for a long time. If you workout in the evening like I do, you may find it hard to sleep. So overall, fair energy for a long period of time and a good pump. However, I have a hard time trusting a supplement that does disclose the amounts of ingredients on the label. If you care enough to go to the gym and eat right, then you should care about what is in your supplements.

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garrett | October 1, 2010
Hemo Rage Black is OVerrated

Sure Hemo Rage Black is solid product from a very reliable company. but neither the product nor the price of the product are spectacular. Hemo Rage Black is an average product with an above average price tag.

At $15 it would be a good value. aT $30+ its very overpriced for what you get.

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Jonathan | September 8, 2010
Great supp

Hemorage and no explode are my two favorites. I love the BA tingling sensation and super energy rush. not to mention the awsome pumps.

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CLow | April 5, 2010
HemoRage Black is not bad

I’ve been around the pre-workout supplement scene for a good 10 years now. I must say that HEMRAGE BLACK is maybe the 2nd best I’ve tried. The pumps, focus, and strength is all there. The taste is bearable and not too sweet as some other supps are. I have noticed there were a good amount of variations of creatine included in here tho. But overall, it’s definitely a good prework out supp. Hope this helps.

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