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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
March 3, 2011

Is Hemo-Rage Ultra Black Concentrate a pre-workout supplement that you should try? Let’s take a closer look at its abilities and its formula.

Like any pump product, this supplement has been designed to push open veins to bring more swelling blood into the body’s muscle tissue. But Hemo-Rage Ultra Black Concentrate tries to go a step above by adding ingredients to bolster strength, rev up energy, and intensify focus.

While it’s good to see a nitric oxide pump try to go the extra mile, do the additional ingredients in Hemo-Rage Ultra Black Concentrate really deliver? We think that they require a more in-depth examination, so let’s take a gander.

How Does the Hemo-Rage Ultra Black Concentrate Formula Match Up to its Competition?

First and foremost, a pump needs to have arginine. Nitric oxide is the by-product of arginine’s breakdown in the body. Nitric oxide then helps to dilate veins and fill muscles with more blood for optimal function and more rapid recovery.

So as it should, Hemo-Rage Ultra Black Concentrate contains ample amounts of arginine and L-arginine AKG. It also includes Glycine Propionyl-L-Carnitine and L-Citrulline AKG, two other clinically tested vasodilators. We think that these ingredients are ones that will produce some massively satisfying pumps.

Aside from the “pump” element, Hemo-Rage Ultra Black Concentrate does a good job at diversifying its ingredients for maximum benefits. In Hemo-Rage Ultra Black Concentrate you’ll find amino acids for protein synthesis, caffeine anhydrous for energy and fat burning, B vitamins for better blood oxygenation, L-tyrosine for neural focus, and creatine for muscle building and performance.

These impressive ingredients have gotten the job done in several products in the past and show great promise here.

Is There Any Other Information You Need to Know?

The Hemo-Rage Ultra Black Concentrate website is covered in Extreme Caution Warnings and frequently brings up the fact that “you will never need more than one scoop” of this pre-workout supplement, due to the fact that it is so heavily concentrated. The site even goes so far as to say that Hemo-Rage Ultra Black Concentrated is to its competitors as a shot of whiskey is to a glass of beer, in terms of concentration.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Though this product contains some powerful ingredients that actually do work, we have some reasons for hesitating to give Hemo-Rage Ultra Black Concentrate a glowing recommendation.

First of all, on the product’s question and answer page, when asked to disclose ingredient quantities, the manufacturer actually refuses to do so, saying that “the amounts of the ingredients…cannot be disclosed due to the fact that it’s part of a proprietary blend that makes the formula unique.” Without knowing the exact quantities, we can’t get an accurate feel for how effective and/or safe this supplement is.

Also, when asked if Hemo-Rage Ultra Black Concentrate is at risk of being banned by the FDA, the manufacturers responded that their product “is not being banned, although we are currently in the process of reformulating the product.” This seems very suspicious to us, and we think that until they do get their formula fixed, you should try a different, safer pre-workout supplement.

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