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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
February 29, 2012

Sometimes the simplest supplements end up being the most powerful and effective. Usually, complex supplements contain numerous ingredients, increasing the risk of side effects. The makers of HICA-Max claim their product contains a single ingredient that works to increase muscle growth without causing any side effects.

HICA-Max was created by Labrada as an easy-to-chew pre workout supplement designed to give you powerful muscle growth without the use of hormones or steroids. We are going to determine just how effective this product is.

Ingredients Found in HICA-Max

While other pre workout supplements contain numerous ingredients, HICA-Max utilizes just one active ingredient. It’s called leucic acid and it is unique to HICA-Max and a few other supplements. It is designed to increase protein synthesis and may even help increase IGF-1 levels in the blood. It is also meant to decrease soreness after you workout. This makes HICA-Max unique because it does not rely on amino acids or hormones to increase muscle growth, but rather a newer, natural stimulator. Despite being relatively unknown, there has been some testing done using HICA-Max.

One study published in 2010 showed that HICA-Max increased body composition and lean muscle mass in active athletes. It also showed a decrease in post workout soreness among participants. However, the study did not show any increases in actual strength or performance. HICA-Max contains the same dosage used in the trial, but the participants were healthy male soccer players and results may not be the same for everybody. Still, the testing shows promise.

Other Product Details

HICA-Max comes in chewables, making it easy to consume and relatively tasty when compared to your typical pre workout powder. HICA-Max comes in four flavors: Lime, Fruit, Watermelon, and Orange. Users are directed to take HICA-Max 3 times per day on an empty stomach. Unlike most supplements, there is no need to cycle off HICA-Max or stack anything with it.


We already mentioned the fact that HICA-Max comes in tasty chewables making it easier for users to consume. We also like the fact that the lone active ingredient in HICA-Max has been proven to work. Also, since there is just one ingredient, there is little risk of side effects. A supplement that contains numerous ingredients usually brings more chance of experiencing adverse effects.

Consumer reviews also tend to be on the positive side. The most common effect we saw was increased muscle size. Even those that haven’t been able to gain any muscle for years saw improvements after taking HICA-Max.


With HICA-Max, it’s kind of a hit and miss. Because it only contains one ingredient, you are essentially putting all your eggs in one basket. The price of HICA-Max is around $30, which may not seem like much, but for a product with one active ingredient you may be overpaying.

Also, even though leucic acid has been shown in trials to increase muscle growth, it doesn’t mean your workouts will be more intense. You will probably not experience greater energy or strength after taking HICA-Max.


Most users of HICA-Max would recommend this product to a friend and we don’t see any reason not to recommend it to you. It contains a proven ingredient in leucic acid and doesn’t cause any side effects. If you are looking for a simple and affordable workout supplement, you may want to give HICA-Max a try.

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