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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
February 9, 2010

Intense, daily exercise is the best way to burn fat. That sounds good in theory, but in reality it’s difficult and painful. There has to be an easier way! Fortunately, there is.

Fat burners like Hot Rox are designed to stimulate your body’s natural ability to burn fat. If Hot Rox is effective, it should help you burn fat more easily, so you don’t have to break your back at the gym.

What Are the Benefits of Hot Rox?

Hot Rox works by stimulating thermogenesis, which is one process your body uses to burn fat. Basically, thermogenesis controls your body temperature. When a product like Hot Rox stimulates thermogenesis, your heart rate and your body temperature rise. In the process, fat gets burned more quickly and easily.

Hot Rox should also increase your energy levels. This is something everyone wants every day; even when they aren’t exercising. But you can also use this energy to perform a good workout and burn a lot of fat. This fat burner should also suppress your appetite and reduce your calorie intake; allowing your body to focus on burning body fat.

How Does Hot Rox Work?

The main ingredient in Hot Rox is caffeine. It is a known thermogenic booster and many fat burners, besides Hot Rox, also use it. Caffeine has been clinically proven to increase energy levels, stimulate thermogenesis, and reduce appetite. However, it can only do all this when a powerful dose is used.

The Facts About Hot Rox

There are a couple problems with Hot Rox. First, we don’t know how much caffeine it uses because we cannot find ingredient information online. Second, Hot Rox has been discontinued, which is why finding any information about it online is very difficult. That’s also why you won’t be able to buy Hot Rox, if you were interested.

Our Opinion

Fat burners that stimulate thermogenesis with the help of caffeine can be effective and worthwhile. We don’t know why Hot Rox was discontinued, but it could be because the company released a new and improved fat burner: Hot Rox Extreme.

If you are interested in the product, you can learn more by reading this Hot Rox Extreme review.

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Donnie "Scarecrow" Blue | November 9, 2011
Hot Rox Rocks!

Hot Rox Rocks! I am a competetive MMA fighter and this product has helped me get to my fighting weight while getting ripped and looking good! I also think it has slightly increased the size of my penis which for me is a major plus! I know your product has improved my performance both in the MMA cage and in the bedroom. Hot Rox Rocks!!!

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raylan sims | January 19, 2011

Where do you purchase this product?

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Joey of North carolina, USA | July 15, 2009
Undeniably awesome

I was referred to this product by one of my friends after I got to talking to him one day about training to join the marines I was working out I had adjusted my diet and running around 5 miles a day every day, I never had an off day. But I still couldn’t seemto cut weight. For those unaware the marines as well as all military branches have very strict standards regarding BMI. I am 6’2″ and before I started hot rox I was 250 lbs. I am a pretty big guy already Due to football and field events in high school. my friend told me that if I could cut the fat I had built up around my midsection and bring down my overall fat percentage then that was just as good as losing the weight to the marines. He told me being a marine himself that there were plenty of guys that were over the BMI standards but they met the body fat percentage standards. he told me about hot rox and how it had helped him in just one week and he’d been using it for 6 months. I told him I’d try it out. Pros: increased fat loss. elevated energy levels. Elevated awareness. Constantly sweating even when I’m sitting down. Elevated motivation levels. Reduced need/ want/ desire for snacking in between meals. Cons: constantly sweating even when sitting down. Sometimes jittery around 15 to 30 minutes after taking reccomended dosage. Minor headaches when taking it for the first few days of adjustment. Increased and runny defacation for the first few days of adjustment. Warning: follow the directions on the bottle and you will be fine. If you don’t follow the directions and do your own thing like I did the first week then don’t blame it on the supplement. I did everything wrong one day in particular; it says do not take with food and I did, it says take 4 pills maximum in 24 hours and I took 6, i also reccomend to not take a dosage within 2 hours of working out I took it right before I went running. I threw up on my run I was so worked up, I had diaherria all day, and I slept a total of 1 hour that night because I could not fall asleep I was too ‘motivated.’ all night I payed there ready to get up and go do something. I have been taking it for three weeks now and other than the first few days this product has lived up to be everything I hoped it would be.after three weeks of use I have lost a total of what seems to be 14 lbs of what looks to be pure fat my muscles are more defined, I have lost a signifigant amount of fat from my stomach and love handles and I feel fantastic and am well on way to my goal of becoming a marine.

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Dean of Florida, USA | March 8, 2008
Works great!!

I tried this stuff 2 years ago because I wanted to look good on vacation to Jamaica and my waist had gotten a little puffy at 34 – 35 inches. After just 3 weeks of Hot Rox and drinking more water my waist was down to 32 inches! It gave me tons of energy. I even use them when going out dancing with my wife. It does make you feel a little wierd like you drank too much coffee, so I just avoid coffee when I am taking them. I am going on vacation and want to look good again, so I pulled out my old unused bottle of Hot Rox which I hadn’t used in close to 2 years. My waist was up around 34 again, well last night after one week of Hot Rox, drinking extra water and 4 nights in the gym my waist is slightly under 32 inches again!! I take 1- 2 pills in the AM and 1-2 pills before working out at night. Highly recommended.

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John of Pennsylvania, USA | February 25, 2008
Just wasn't for me I guess

I see this product has been getting good revews but i was on it for almost a year and didn’t get anything except for really bad heatburn. I train very hard and I hoped the longer that I took this product, the better the results would be. It may work for other people but it did not have a big impact on me.

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Weston of Alaska, USA | February 8, 2008
A great addition to my regiment!

I added Hot-Rox Extreme to my bodybuilding routine during my tour in Iraq and it worked amazingly well! I had already been working out for about 10 months, and when I added Hot-Rox I noticed immediately. I highly recommend this product! It has worked the best out of all the fat-burners I’ve tried.

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Sam of Idaho, USA | January 23, 2008
Theres better stuff out there

Im 16 5’11” 195pounds 15% fm and in a competetive weight lifting program at my school. I’ve recently been trying to cut fat and expose my newly formed muscle, I’ve tried hydrxycut, jetfuel and hotrox. Hot rox definitely gave me the most motivation out of all of them and energy to work hard for a long time but nothing has beat original hydroxycut with ephedra I’d say go for it if you want good motivation and dont want the risks of stuff like ephedra, It’s definitely worth the money and good for vanity pounds around the midsection theres lotsa choices out there and this one is a good one.

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Tabitha of Tennessee, USA | October 21, 2007
Hot-Rox does work

i took Hot-Rox for a whole year, went from a size 13 to a size 3 in six months.I loved it. Then i got pregnant got a miss carrage of twins at 4 months. Now at size 9 i went back on Hot-Rox but it didn’t give me same effect, i didn’t loose anything and i still ate. i don’t know if i got immune to it or what.

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Samuel of Illinois, USA | June 22, 2007
Quite possilbe the greatest product I've tried

Hi my personal experience with the use of this product has been very extensive to the point that i have tried several combinations of anti estrogens to inhibit fat cell creation. My basic understanding is that it works, and doesn’t stop working as long as you take it. I am an exception from most people though I diet and exercise 3 hrs or more daily. I also aspire to be a bodybuilder, and i advocate the use of this product to those people alone, because this product helps you turn fat over to muscle. And i mean hyper dense quick twitch red cells. Also there is a heightened sense of awareness that is hard to describe, but it is a kind of superhuman trigger for your inner bomb this supplement.

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Chelsea of Oregon, USA | May 5, 2007
Love this stuff

Hot Rox’s worked for me. I was in a challage at the gym, in 11 weeks I dropped a total of 16.75 inches and 8 pounds of FAT! I transformed my body totally. I only took 4 instead of 6 recommended pill daily due to expense. But with working out daily and diet! WoW it is amazing. I had no side effects either. What do you have to lose a few inches?

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Lauren of California, USA | April 13, 2007

I see a lot of other people like this product, but I have to say I thought it was a waste. I have been working out for years and have taken all sorts of stuff…this was by far my least favorite. But I think everyone’s body is different and stuff that works for some…just doesn’t work for others.

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Kevin of Texas, USA | April 11, 2007

I am in powerlifting and my weight class is a big deal. It was hard to maintain my weight for a lil while but then i found out about hot Rox a year ago and tried it out. The results were great every time i have to make my weight class which is 132.5 or less i make the weight by 3 or 4 pounds to give. the product speeds up your metabolism and burns fat when you are working out and doing your cardio. But you can not take this product and not do some kind of cardio and expect it to work. all and all this is a great fat loss supplement the best ive ever tried and encourage anybody to use it if there interested in losing some fat.

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