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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
February 6, 2010

It’s hard to find weight loss supplements that don’t use stimulants anymore.

When Hydroxycut first started making their product line of supplements, Hydroxycut Caffeine Free was the only one in the line that didn’t have stimulants.

The advantage of stimulant-free weight loss supplements is that they help you burn fat, suppress appetite, or boost metabolism without causing side effects.

In the past, Hydroxycut Caffeine Free was one of the only options for people who didn’t want stimulants.

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What Happened?

In May of 2009, several cases of liver failure put Hydroxycut under fire. The FDA warned all consumers to immediately stop using Hydroxycut products. In response, Hydroxycut recalled all their products, including Hydroxycut Caffeine Free, and began wide-scale reformulations.

Today, the company has replaced Hydroxycut Caffeine Free with Hydroxycut Pro Clinical Caffeine Free. This new formula is supposed to be highly effective and free from the harmful ingredients that seemed to be causing liver damage.

Ingredients in Hydroxycut Caffeine Free

It is almost impossible to find information about Hydroxycut Caffeine Free online. However, our records show that the weight loss supplement used to have Hydroxycitrate, Polynicotinate, Hydrogen Plus, and caffeine-free Hydroxyl Tea.

If you were to look at the formula of a current Hydroxycut product, you won’t find any of these ingredients. The products have been completely reformulated to be safer and yet still effective.

Our Opinion

If you are looking for a stimulant-free weight loss supplement that works, the options are very limited. Fortunately, in our years of research, we have been able to find supplements that are both free of stimulants and still effective. One that we recommend is 72 Hour Slimming Pill. It is designed to promote fast weight loss by burning fat and detoxifying. We like it because it has a great, all-natural formula and because users like it.

We recommend that you try 72 Hour Slimming Pill to get fast weight loss without side effects.

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Community Rating:
3.3 / 5.0


Dawnda Browning | October 21, 2013

I started taking Pro Clinical Hydroxycut caffeine free three days ago. I started getting a bad headache on day two. I was in bed half of the day because it hurt so bad. Today the pain went into my neck. I thought it was the pills so I looked up other reviews and seen the same symptoms. I would not recommend this product.

No, I do not recommend this product

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Emily | May 27, 2013

I just started taking Hydroxycut Caffeine Free about 5 days ago. I noticed a great boost in energy, which has helped me exercise a lot more the past few days. I didn’t have any side effects until last night and today. I could barely sleep last night, and when I woke up this morning my head was killing me (almost like a hangover, yet I haven’t drank alcohol in months). All day my headache has gotten worse and worse, up to the point where I was in tears. My neck gradually started hurting, the nausea came, and now I am very dizzy. I do NOT recommend this product to anybody.

No, I do not recommend this product

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Annette Smith | May 3, 2013

I have taken hydroxycut and also have used “Pure cleanse” I did plenty of research on both items before I started just taking them. I see where a few listed as displeased b/c the pill caused them acne etc. The thing is that this pill is made to detox all the crap that is in your system just as most weight loss suppliments do. In turn, that effect is going to be different for each person. Some will detox through sweat while others will come through the skin in the form of a breakout, which means that you had toxins in your system that need to come out, it is cleaning your body, personally I think that is awesome not crappy. Also in order to control breakouts and headaches drink a gallon of water a day I do it faithfully each day and my health has improved my health drastically! The whole point is to detox get all the “gunk” out of you so your body and operate correctly and reduce your fat, just giving up isnt going to help you. Also if you have bad eating habits such as fastfood, soda, sugars, and flours then you are going to break out when you take any of these types of suppliments. To be honest you should stay on it to clear your body, it probably will clear your skin also! So conclusion is drink a gallon of water or very close to that DAILY and allow your body the time to detox. And that is all

Yes, I recommend this product

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Athena | January 9, 2013
great for me, you have to keep up

Hello, i am a past and now present user of hydroxy cut …everybody body’s react differently…i am here to tell you from my experience that it DOES WORK (for me atleast) it mentally teaches you to exercise right and eat right if you really want to get it right. Yes, it curved my appetite and it made me work harder (sweating twice as much) resulting in burning more calories. It kept me down for a good amount of time. i wasnt taking 6 pills a day…i took 1 morning and 1 before work out which was around 5:30 pm. i was pleased with the pills but scared from all the mixed reviews on side effects but it seemed like it was going right for a while. 15 lbs down …once i stopped of course people are going to think “okay i stopped taking the pill so ima stop eating right and exercise way less. OF COURSE YOURE GOING TO REBOUND. The pill helps motivate you and im sure try to inspire u to CONTINUE to eat right and exercise more. Pill helps a lil bit, but if youre going to sit there and make the pill do all the work you wont be pleased. May work for you or wont…but it worked for me.

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john | September 10, 2012
works great, but be consistent

i have been using HYDROXYCUT for about two weeks now and i really dont feel any side affects…. ive been exersiceing and not only but people are noticing my weight lose and my abs are getting cut to the core.. and strong… i do have werd bowl movements but i did research and thats normal.. thats your body getting rid of all the gunk thats in your body.. if you get headic then that means your not drinking enough water…(remember you must sweet to see results) what i do is i close my windows, shut off fan and work out… and by the time im finish im drinched of sweet.. but you must also watch what you eat… i eat for breafest eggs or oatmeal. luch tuna with weat bread dinner mash potato or baked chicken theres more email me if you need help… turbo718@gmail.com

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Meg S | July 20, 2012
Starting Out

I have just started to take Hydroxycut, i am using the sachets which say 2 a day. i have noticed some weight loss already although this may just be due to the healthier eating in the past few days. I was wondering if anyone who as used this product before could drive me some feed back on how they found it and if there is anything they did to give it a bit of an extra kick. I’m 18 and weigh 211.6 lbs my goal is to lose 50 – 60 lbs but gradually not all at once. would love some feed back if anyone reads this and gets a chance thanks.

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Jenna | March 5, 2012
no side effects so far

I bought the caffeine free version because I am super sensitive to stimulants, a grande latte will make me feel like I’m having a heart attack. I have been taking hydroxycut caffeine free for 2 weeks, have sort of been watching what I eat, but I have to admit have only exercised twice, yet as of today I have lost 8 pounds so far!

I have had no jitters or any major issues, the only side effect I have had is heartburn/reflux symptoms, but I bought some prilosec otc and that fixed that. Plus you do have to stay very hydrated or you can get headaches, so I drink plenty of water and haven’t had any issues. So now I am completely side effect free and losing weight. I highly recommend this product!

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Sarah | March 30, 2011
Still Pending Results...

Well before taking this product I have been eating better and walking occasionally. I lost 14lbs in 2 months that way. My grandmother gave me this and I am taking it to see if it will help even more. I hve lost 2lbs so far but I’m not sure if it is the product or the results of my now healthy eating habits. Trying to get into the swimsuit by summer :)

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Jennifer | March 12, 2011
staying optimistic

I’ve been trying to lose weight for awhile now, trying to get in good shape for my wedding. I also go to school and work full time at a job that is only open in the evenings. So, it’s hard to exercise and eat as healthy as I should. I wanted to try Hydroxycut just to try something that may give me an edge. I consume hardly any caffeine because I usually get very jittery, so the Caffeine-Free Hydroxycut jumped out to me. Even though my schedule is pretty hectic, I’ve been trying to make healthier choices and exercising when I can as well as constantly walking and lifting at work. One thing I noticed during the day before work was that my cravings were definitely cut. I could eat lunch and be perfectly fine. But once I got to work and allowed it to wear off, I get VERY hungry. I’m not able to eat until after work, so it’s very hard not to snack. I haven’t noticed loss in inches yet, or different numbers on the scale, but it hasn’t been that long yet, and I’m trying to stay optimistic.

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Doc | February 3, 2011
yay weight loss!

I took this product back in 2005 in combination with a low-calorie diet and regular exercise and the results were fantastic! I consume virtually NO caffeine so I didn’t even consider taking the regular stuff. I’ve now started again on a new pack with the new dosing schedule and so far so good. I don’t judge my success by the number on the scale but by the fit of my clothes and I’m definitely seeing more room in them! The key is to understand what works for your body and what doesn’t. This is NOT a miracle drug – you must be committed to the idea of creating a better body for yourself.

As for the comment in the review about the tea component… white tea and green tea are actually naturally caffeine free teas. They are best known for their antioxidant contributions to your diet and NOT energy boosts/weight loss.

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Jessica | December 31, 2010
giving this a try

I rate a 3. I have tried Hydroxycut products before and disliked the jitters. I am starting out with one pill a day, even tho it says to take 2 before 2 big meals, for the first week to see how my body reacts to this product. I am not liking the responses with puss and skin problems listed by others. After the first week I will come back and give another review. I am 193 now.

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jerry | October 28, 2010
seeing how it is

been on hydroxy cut for 3 weeks now, I am at the gym 3 times a day weight training and wanted to drop 20 pounds for an upcoming trip I am 6’2 25 male and weighed 210 now I am down to 200, when I first started no side effects, kind of stopped my cravings but not alot, last couple of days though I have been sweating, hot/cold and feeling light headed which is not normal for me, although I am way more energetic, I was concerned hence why I am on here, I will continue though and keep anyone posted if they are interested thanks

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