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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
March 7, 2010

Weight loss supplements or exercising or dieting can help you burn fat. But the best way to keep pounds off is to combine these weight loss methods. That’s why many people turn to diet plans like IdealShape.

By combining multiple methods and weight loss techniques, this diet plan is supposed to help people lose a lot of weight for good.

What Is IdealShape?

The IdealShape diet plan is made up of meal replacement shakes, the ResveraShape supplement, a weight loss blueprint, and a brain training CD.

The meal replacement shakes are designed to help you cut down your calorie intake. They work by making you feel and think you are full even though you aren’t eating as much. This prevents you from overeating. The shakes are mostly made of protein and fiber, which are good for reducing appetite.

ResveraShape has Resveratrol, Green Tea extract, Caffeine Anhydrous, apple cider vinegar, kelp, and grapefruit powder. Together these ingredients are supposed to promote weight loss by reducing appetite and increasing the rate of fat burn. Many of the ingredients have antioxidants in them, which can cleanse your body and improve digestion.

The ingredients that ResveraShape uses are commonly used in other weight loss supplements because they can be effective when a strong dose is used.

The weight loss blueprint is a book called “IdealShape for Life”. It was designed by exercise and nutrition experts and is supposed to have everything you need to lose weight successfully. The book includes meal plans, exercise programs, and goal setting strategies.

You can actually choose one of four different brain training CDs. They are supposed to address negative behaviors that promote weight gain and replace them with positive behaviors that help you stay fit and slim.

The Facts About IdealShape

IdealShape could be a great diet plan. It has several components that, when combined, could help you burn fat, control your appetite, and lose weight for good. The only component that may be a little weak is the ResveraShape supplement. Although it has some good weight loss ingredients, it may not use strong enough doses to be highly effective.

One great thing about IdealShape is that it gives you options. You can purchase the shakes, supplement, book, or CD together in a monthly plan or you can buy them individually. The cost for a 30 day IdealShape diet plan is anywhere from $99.99 to $168.50.

IdealShape does not come guaranteed so you cannot get a refund if you aren’t satisfied with the diet plan.

Our Opinion

We think that IdealShape is a good diet plan. There are many people who have lost weight while using it. The biggest downside to this diet is the cost. The 30 day diet plan of IdealShape is not very affordable, even when you get a discounted price. You could choose to only buy parts of the diet plan, but they are more effective when used together.

Before you decide to try IdealShape, you may want to look at some other diet plans and see if there is one that is both effective and affordable.

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Community Rating:
3.3 / 5.0


Dale | February 28, 2013
Ideal shape MSR's DO WORK !!

I tried 310 nutrition shakes 1st. And they are good, but left me feeling hungry after about 2 hrs. And cost more. I switched to idealShape MSR’s and diet plan, and have lost 12 lbs in 2wks. The shakes taste great, and keep me feeling full for 3-4 hrs easy. If I take a ResveraShape pill also, I am feeling full for 4+hrs easy. I was consuming more than 2900 calories in a day. With many of those from fatty, sugary foods. I switched my diet up to 1800 cal/day, with restricted fat,sodium and sugar intake, which includes 2 IdealShape Chocolate MSR’s a day,(mixed with 8 oz. 1% milk), 1 or 2 ResveraShape pills and 1 good quality balanced meal. And is is working great!I am a 46 yr old Male, 6’2″ and was 250lbs, now 238 and counting….DOWN !!

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Ryan Sullivan | March 9, 2010

When I saw that you were looking for reviews for the IdealShape program I just had to chime in.

You see, I am Ryan. I am nomorebacon. I’m the guy who has lost 105 pounds. Actually, as of today I’ve lost 118 pounds on the IdealShape plan. I currently weigh 270 and have the goal of losing about 45-50 more pounds. I’m confident I’ll get there using the IdealShape plan.

Did I mention that I lost the 118 pounds in 8 months?

There are so many parts to the program that are amazingly helpful.

Mastering the Mind is a unique approach like you said. We all seem to build up years of junk inside our heads making us question our abilities. The CD series really does help to get rid of that negative thinking and instill self confidence and focus.

The wristband is an integral part of the plan that gives a sense of community and also serves as a constant reminder of goals.

The meal replacement weight loss shakes are honestly the best shakes I’ve ever tasted. It’s seriously hard to believe that they’re good for you. I’d compare the flavor to chocolate milk. They have a complete multivitamin in every serving too.

The Resveratrol is a great appetite suppressant and fat blocker. I rarely feel hungry.

I think the most important part of the program is that it is based on lifestyle changes. It’s not a “diet” or a pill. The core components of the program are healthy eating and exercise. (These are both covered in depth in the eBook).

The exercise program uses exercises that focus on fat burning not just the same old “run on the treadmill for 30″ routine.

The nutrition isn’t just a restricted calorie count. It focuses on only consuming the best quality foods and staying away from processed junk. It’s amazing how much food you can eat if you’re eating the right things.

I recommend this program to anyone who wants to lose weight. I’ve already had over 30 of my friends and family succeed at losing weight on the program.

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