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Indigo 3-G
Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
May 20, 2011

Indigo 3-G has made some incredible claims, and has caught the attention of the weight-lifting world. This is due to it’s research on glucose management. Indigo 3-G strives to precisely control nutrient absorption, lowering fat, and increasing muscle mass. Indigo 3-G considers itself a peri-workout supplement, meaning it is built around your diet and your workout, rather than being used as just a pre or post-workout tool. Since it is a brand-new product, there is no conclusive evidence to its claims, so will Indigo 3-G be a miracle product or just another dud?

Supplement Profile

The compound composing Indigo 3-G is called cyanidin 3-glucoside, but we’ll call it C3G. C3G is an anthocyanidin, found in berries. Actually a pigment, it’s what gives blueberries their dark blue color.

Fat cells control hormones in the body, including insulin. C3G describes itself as being able to control fat cells–and nutrient uptake. These are huge claims. These are epic claims. These sound too good to be true. And believe us–they probably are.

There is no conclusive evidence based on the claims C3G is making. The website is drawn up by bodybuilders but the studies that have been made on C3G have never been tested on athletes–only mice. There are some hopeful studies done on obesity and diabetes, but even these show mild results at most.


Alright, alright, the truth is–no one knows for sure if C3G works or not. We admit this. Only time can show us if studies will end up backing Indigo 3-G’s claims. Until then, we advise you stick to products that have the backing of studies, customer reviews, and…dare we say…logic.

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