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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
November 11, 2011


Instaflex offers joint support endorsed by some of the most beloved athletes in the business, including pro football player Doug Flutie and Olympic Gold Medalist Carla Overbeck.

Challenges, including post-athletic joint pain, have been something these athletes have had to deal with. They believe they have found the solution for their joint strength and pain problems through Instaflex. Could this be your solution as well? Let’s take a closer look and find out what Instaflex has to offer.

The Product

Instaflex is actually an entire 4 product line of active life support supplements. Their line of products includes:
• Joint Support- An exclusive compound of 8 key ingredients tested for maximum effectiveness to relieve discomfort, improve flexibility and mobility.
• Bone Support- A mix of 6 ingredients make up Bone Support offering improved bone strength and density in addition to bone building.
• Multivitamin- Offers a total body formula to help support the immune system, improve overall health and increase energy.
• Muscle Support- The final product in the Instaflex line has been formulated to reduce cramping, decrease soreness and to help speed recovery.
According to their ingredient lists, these products do seem to have the ingredient suggested to support their product claims.

The Price

The price for the product is a little pricey considering there are similar products on the market with the same ingredients that are available for much cheaper.

The Pros

• There are ingredients that have been proven to work for joint ,bone and muscle support and pain; however, it is unsure whether the dosage is high enough to product effective results.
• Celebrity endorsement is usually a good sign, especially if the product directly relates to the type of person endorsing it.
• There are many positive consumer reviews available on their website in which consumers seem genuinely happy with the product.

The Cons

• This product is only available on their website and even though there is a free trial period offered, you must cancel immediately to avoid an “auto-ship” program.
• According to research, the trial period may not be enough time to ensure that the program is really working for you.
• Even though this product has had scientific and clinical results with some of the ingredients, this product has not been tested as an entire formula together.

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