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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
February 2, 2011

The pre-workout supplement industry is brimming with promises of bigger muscle pumps, more energy, and better output, but how they go about achieving their goals varies widely. Some supplements are powders, while others are pills. Some rely on nitric oxide, and some on creatine.

But what they all do is claim to outdo each other, and perhaps none more so than Isatori PWR.

Isatori PWR claims to deliver not only the same, but heightened results, all from a tiny 5 gram serving. Let’s see what makes a product like this so well-rounded.

What’s in Isatori PWR?

As always, the secret to decoding any product is in the ingredients. In the case of Isatori PWR, it organizes its ingredients to accomplish three different marketing claims—to boost energy, increase your muscular output, and up levels of nitric oxide in the body.

1. Boost Energy: To accomplish this, Isatori has included caffeine anhydrous, 1,3,dimethylamylamine, and several plant extracts. These stimulants are great for getting you revved up for a session of iron-pumping. With added energy, you’ll be able to focus longer and train with more endurance and strength to really make the most of your workout.

2. Increase Muscular Output: Creatine nitrate and creatine monohydrate are used to fuel the muscles with more fuel. Creatine supplements raise levels of ATP, the integral catalyst needed for muscles to contract and pump. With more ATP, muscles can contract even harder, allowing you to lift more weight. Isatori PWR also contains Beta-alanine. This amino acid fuses with histidine to create carnosine. Added carnosine strengthens and thickens muscle fibers to increase output and endurance.

3. Produce Nitric Oxide: Finally, Isatori PWR contains Arginine AKG to boost levels of nitric oxide. As many of you already know, nitric oxide gas widens blood vessels so your muscles get more blood. With added blood supply muscles function better, pump longer, and recover faster. As the veins swell, there is a pump sensation inside your skin that many bodybuilders compare to sex. It makes workouts a lot of fun.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Nitric oxide is a powerful substance, so it can have some strong effects on the body. For all its positive aspects, nitric oxide has also been known to cause nausea, headaches, and diarrhea.

Some people have even collapsed after consuming large amounts of nitric oxide.

And as always, any supplements that contain caffeine are associated with nervousness, irritability, restlessness, and mild headaches. This is especially true as Isatori PWR contains 300mg of caffeine, the level considered an overdose.

What About The Price?

Isatori PWR retails for $31.99 for 30 servings. With one scoop every time you work out, that’s a bottle that will last you for about six weeks if you stick with the recommended five-times-a-week workout schedule.

Should I Try Isatori PWR?

We think Isatori PWR is a pretty good bed. Used with a protein supplement, you could get some really outstanding results. Stacking supplements can get expensive though so if you’re on a tight budget you might want to find an all-in-one product, but if you have the extra cash, Isatori PWR is probably worth looking into.

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marwan | May 8, 2011
it really work

i dont know about other people reviews, but i am using it and it works,no side effects though if used as recommended.
5 stars, during and after work out i feel great.

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Avatar | April 10, 2011
No "PWR"

I was looking for a more affordable pre-work out that I wasn’t getting my energy from just large quantities of sugar, and that with long term use was not addicting.

I had tried (Jack3d)and initially upon use I did feel a surge of energy with it and it did seem to help extend my workouts, but I always tend to wonder with these products if a lot of what your feeling is “psychosomatic” ie. it says it will do this, so we feel it is.

Now I wanted to find a substitute for jack3d one because of price reasons, it contained to much sugar for my liking and that it has the potential to become addicting to the user.

So I shopped around a bit and came across (Isatori PWR)

Over all I received some good reviews boasted that it had a chemical composition so potent that only one tiny scoop was needed, and with that tiny scoop you would be revved and pumped for the duration of your workout…False!

Fist off let me just say I’m a bit sensitive to stimulants, and when Isatori recommended of there product to not exceed the one tiny scoop that doing so you did at your own risk, well with that kind of warning I took only half the recommend scoop to determine the my true tolerance of this super supplement.

The first thing I noticed about this product was the taste, which I will give 5 stars to, it was reminiscent of the flavor of Kool Aid, or those ice waters we had as a kid, you would stick them in the freezer, they were usually blue or red and you would snip of the end and munch.

So the taste was of this and the over all effectiveness of it on a scale of 1 to 5 would be 1 the reason I am giving it even this was because the only reaction I got from it was a bit of itchy feeling over my face and head, kind of like when you would take a Niacin supplement, other than that I felt no surge of energy that pushed me through and beyond my workout, no noticeable pumps beyond the result of what ever weight I was lifting, no alertness of any kind, honestly I think the stuff made me fee sleepy.

In short I think somehow I must have gotten a batch of the controlled placebo sample, because all I got from this was a sweet powdered soft-drink mix, at least that’s how it taste and acted with me. I should of just had a coke and save my $25 bucks.

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