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Jenni Carlson
By Jenni Carlson
July 17, 2012

Jack3D Micro

USPLabs made a splash when it launched Jack3D onto the bodybuilding industry, promising increased energy, greater muscle building, more impressive pumps, and an all-around improved physique. It has come under fire recently, however, for its inclusion of the ingredient DMAA, which was banned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in May.

In response, USPLabs has developed Jack3D Micro, an entirely new product that eliminates the use of DHAA along with a whole slew of other Jack3D ingredients. The result? Well, Jack3D Micro was just released so it’s hard to say definitively, but we can analyze the ingredients and customer response so far.

Here’s what I was able to discover about this new offering from USPLabs.

How Does it Differ From the Original Jack3D?

The whole approach to bodybuilding has changed from Jack3D to Jack3D Micro. The only ingredient to remain the same in the new formula is caffeine, which is used to stimulate the central nervous system to deliver energy and heightened fat burning.

Otherwise, we’re saying goodbye to DMAA, creatine, and beta alanine.DMAA worked as a stimulant to increase your mental and physical function in a stronger way than caffeine, while creatine improved athletic performance and endurance. Beta alanine is an amino acid that increases natural energy.

USPLabs still maintains that these ingredients are safe, but says it will eliminate them to get rid of the nausea and tingly feelings that sometimes result from taking Jack3D.

However, Jack3D still follows the USPLabs mantra of “no artificial dyes and no BS,” meaning that all you’ll be paying for is the ingredients proven to help you eliminate fat and get ripped.

What Was Controversial About DMAA?

The development of Jack3D Micro is likely the direct result of the FDA ban on DMAA, so naturally, it makes us wonder what was so controversial about DMAA in the first place.

Well, according to the FDA, supplementing with DMAA can be extremely dangerous and even fatal.

“It’s linked to elevated heart rate, dry mouth,” explained Kansas fitness trainer Jerry Gordey. “You’re out training hard and you’re going to go and elevate your heart rate before you train. It’s dangerous. It brings your heart rate too high, which can cause strokes and heart attacks.”

However, USPLabs is adamant in saying their blend of DMAA with caffeine and Schizandrol A is perfectly safe, citing a company double-blind study that found that Jack3D didn’t cause any more adverse health effect in test subjects than did a placebo.

So What’s in Jack3D Micro?

The new USPLabs pre-workout supplement contains eight active ingredients, seven of which are included in a proprietary blend. I normally don’t like proprietary blends because it’s impossible to tell just how much of each ingredient you’re getting, but USPLabs has a good reputation so I’ll put that qualm aside for now.

Here’s a look at what the Jack3D Micro Nutrition label tells us.

eNOS Super Performance System (2799mg)

L-Citrulline is an organic compound and amino acid that is primarily responsible for the regulation of blood flow to tissues. When blood reaches muscle tissues, it carries important hormones and nutrients needed for growth, so you can understand why l-citrulline would be important in a pre-workout supplement. L-citrulline also helps support the production of nitric oxide alongside the following ingredient.
Arginine is another amino acid that works especially well with l-citrulline in producing nitric oxide. This molecule is needed for expanding blood vessels and allowing greater transport of nutrients and hormones to the muscles. This will help them to grow more quickly and more healthfully.
Agmatine Sulfate breaks down arginine and citrulline to make it more bioavailable, or easily absorbed into the bloodstream. For this reason, agmatine is a common ingredient in pre-workout supplements. It is also said to result in greater muscle pumps, higher nutrient levels, and more production of growth hormone and luteinizing hormone.
Grape Seed is a new ingredient to bodybuilding supplements, but several animal studies show promise that it could be an exciting one. One study involved rats that went 14 hours without food before being fed lard either supplemented with grape seed or left plain. Those rats that ate grape seed showed increased ATP production in muscles, which means that humans too could experience more muscle energy and calorie burning by supplementing with grape seed.

CNS Stimulant System(190mg)

Caffeine, as previously mentioned, is the only ingredient in Jack3D Micro to have been carried over from Jack3D. A mild fat burner, caffeine cuts away at body fat, thus supporting a better body composition and making it easier for muscles to develop. It also supplies a mild appetite suppressing effect.
Norcoclaurine HCL is a chemical said to increase mental focus and clarity without inhibiting the production of nitric oxide, which many stimulants have the ability to do. This means you’ll get energy without sacrificing the beneficial effects of active, muscle-building ingredients.
Dihydroxycinnamic Acid, also known as a form of caffeic acid, is able to increase your endurance level. This effects was tested and substantiated by a rat study wherein rats were given this supplement and showed better muscle tolerance and less fatigue.

Vitamin C (100mg) is able to support the immune system and is one of the most commonly taken vitamins for this reason, but in Jack3D Micro its most useful effect is the suppression of stress hormone cortisone. Cortisone can decrease your testosterone production, which is the exact opposite of what you want to happen while you’re trying to get cut. And because cortisone also leads to increased abdominal fat, Vitamin C can help prevent any weight gain that may interfere with your fitness goals.

Will This Formula Be Effective?

Nitric oxide production is one of the most sure-fire ways to build muscle, and Jack3D Micro relies on it extensively. It also includes ingredients that support energy without compromising the strength of nitric oxide, making it a well-rounded formula that definitely seems like the result of two years of research.

Though I wish these ingredients weren’t included in a proprietary blend, it seems that from the amounts that are given, there is enough to affect the kind of change you’d like to see as a bodybuilder.

With energy and greater access to nutrients, your body will be able to build muscle tissue and burn fat more safely than with most other pre-workout supplements.

What Do Customers Think?

Though Jack3D Micro is still a relatively new product, customers seem to bear me out on my estimation of Jack3D Micro. Here’s a sample of reviews left on various bodybuilding forums from people who have tried Jack3D Micro.

I got this product as part of the USPLabs Inner Circle release and this is my new favorite pre-workout supplement. Tastes a million times better than the original and works just as great. If you want to feel 100% the entire workout then this is your secret weapon. From my experience most people in the pre-workout market shop around the different products to find something different and this one is a must try in my opinion.”

“excellent product great pump and energy”

Right off the bat its taste is miles ahead of the old formula , energy is much more sustained and the pump caught me by surprise! Truly a step in the right direction.”

However, others have said that Jack3D Micro didn’t meet their high expectations for a USPLabs product.

“Man, when I heard that jack3d micro was coming, I couldn’t wait. I got it, tried, and wow yes it does give you energy but it’s a slow steady kind.”

“I have to say i’m disappointed with all the hype I expected something better. Theres no denying the old formula was great and exceeded in providing a great workout. I been on this jack 3d micro for 1 week. It gives you a little focus, but no pump and the energy is minor. If you’re looking for focus this pre workout is for you. To conclude, theres better pre workouts in the market don’t follow the hype”

How Much Is Jack3D Micro?

Jack3D Micro currently retails for $35.99 a bottle, which comes with 30 servings. If you use it the maximum five days a week allowed, this product will last you a month and a half.

From where I’m sitting, that looks like a pretty good deal for a pre-workout supplement with this level of power.

Should I Try Jack3D Micro?

Jack3D Micro perhaps isn’t as innovative as we were expecting given the hype, but it does seem to be a solid product that can produce the same beneficial effects as its predecessor. And, because it contains less stimulants, it will do so without the same side effects.

Unless you have diabetes or low blood pressure—both of which can be exacerbated by nitric oxide production—I’d recommend this product to you as a new way to build muscle for a moderate price.

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