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Lean 1
Marissa Taylor
By Marissa Taylor
March 7, 2012

Anyway you slice it, dieting is no fun. Instead of being able to enjoy the foods you love (bye-bye oatmeal cream pies), you are stuck noshing on carrot sticks and tofu.

There may be a way for you to add some of the flavor and fun back into your diet while still being able to lose weight. How? Lean 1.

Lean 1 is a weight loss supplement that has been designed to have you burning more fat, eating less, and revealing those lean and mean muscles that you are after. Lean 1 is actually a weight loss shake that has been designed to take the place of one or two of your meals each day.

Lean 1 promises that these shakes will not only give your taste buds something to look forward to every day, but will also help curb your appetite and keep your hunger under control for hours after.

Will Lean 1 be the tastiest and most effective weight loss supplement that you have ever had? Let’s find out more.

Lean 1 Ingredients

Lean 1 claims to give you a healthy dose of the nutrients that you need, without bogging your body down with calories. In fact, one serving of Lean 1 only racks up 200 to 300 calories and supplies a good-for-you dose of vitamins, minerals and up to 30 grams of protein.

Lean 1 claims that their formula also contains amazing antioxidant power with 14 fruit and vegetable extracts. Lean 1 also says their formula contains Hoodia to help stave off hunger.

The trouble with Lean 1 is that aside from the vitamins, minerals, and protein in their mix, Lean 1 doesn’t provide information on any of the other ingredients that they say are in the formula.

We don’t really know what is in Lean 1, or if Lean 1 has anything that will amp up fat burning and help you lose weight.

Side Effects of Lean 1

There are no side effects of Lean 1 listed on the Lean 1 website.

Chances are, Lean 1 will not leave you with any unwanted effects, but without knowing exactly what is in Lean 1, it’s hard to say for sure.

Does Lean 1 Really Work?

Lean 1 claims to be a healthy, and tasty, way for you to burn fat, eat less, ditch some pounds, and reveal a rockin bod. Can Lean 1 really deliver, though?

Lean 1 has a lot of good nutrients in the mix, but Lean 1 doesn’t give us the full picture. Without knowing exactly what makes it into the Lean 1 pot, we are a little wary.

Lean 1 may be the perfect weight loss supplement for you, but Lean 1 leaves us wanting more. And not in a good way.

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