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Libido Max
Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
June 2, 2011

Usually when a product claims to be doctor developed, you shouldn’t always believe them. That appears to be the case with Libido Max. This “doctor developed” formula is designed to boost libido and enhance sexual desire and performance.

Libido Max by Applied Nutrition is a male enhancement supplement designed to work in three steps:

1. Increase drive and desire
2. Enhance blood flow
3. Boost performance and stamina

We decided to take a closer look at Libido Max to see how well it worked.


Libido Max is unique because it comes in a liquid soft gel. This means you can experience libido-enhancing effects faster than you would with a regular tablet or capsule. The ingredients in Libido Max are generally pretty standard, but are found in four separate proprietary blends.

Stamina and Extending Blend
This blend contains ingredients like Maca Powder and Ashwagandha powder. Maca powder has been shown to boost libido as well as increase male fertility. However, Ashwagandha is not so effective. In fact one animal study showed that Ashwagandha actually reduces sexual desire.

Libido Boosting Blend
Horny goat weed is designed to mimic the effects of testosterone and increase libido. Along with horny goat weed, this blend contains tribulus terrestris, which is often found in testosterone boosters. Increasing testosterone also boosts libido.

Power Max Blend
The main ingredient in this blend is arginine. Studies shown that arginine can effectively relax and dilate blood vessels allowing for greater blood flow, which enhances performance.

Bioperine Complex
As the name of this complex suggests, this supplement contains Bioperine. Some ingredients are considered effective but poorly bioavailable. Bioperine is designed to enhance the absorption of every other ingredient.


For the most part, Libido Max contains proven ingredients like arginine, tribulus terrestris and maca. One of the biggest skepticisms about tribulus and arginine is that they are not very easily absorbed into the blood, which makes the inclusion of Bioperine important.

It is not often you find a legitimate guarantee on any type of supplement but you can find one on the label of Libido Max. If you are not satisfied with the results from Libido Max, you can resurn your order and get a full refund. This shows how confident the makers of Libido Max are in their product.


Even with the money back guarantee, we are still a bit skeptical about this sexual enhancer because it contains one unproven ingredient in Ashwagandha powder. Not only is Ashwagandha unproven but it has been shown in some studies to actually reduce libido and hinder performance.

Also, proprietary blends make us a bit skeptical because we can’t know for sure how much of each ingredient is included in the formula.


Consumer reviews are fairly mixed. Some users claim to have experienced greater libido and better performance while others experienced nothing. Because Libido Max contains testosterone boosters, you may not experience results if you are in your younger years.

For you older men, you might want to try Libido Max. Heck, it only costs around $15 if you can find it on sale. If you don’t see results, oh well. If you do, you won’t regret purchasing Libido Max.

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Community Rating:
4.0 / 5.0


william Borchers | October 8, 2013

45 YEARS old and was suffering from severe lack of sexual desire plus poor erection quality. Tried Libido max and it worked great and continues to.Price is fair and in my opinion it positively affects my test levels better than the so called Test Boosters. Just bought a new bottle today. Could easily be marketed to the athletic community if they chose to.

Yes, I recommend this product

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david | May 28, 2013

I’m glad Libido-Max works for other people but unfortunately for me it was a ‘3 STAGE FAILURE’ because this supplement did NOT generate any sexual response in the areas of: 1) enhanced drive & desire, 2) increased blood flow, or 3) longer performance & stamina, as it claimed. In fact, after taking the maximum dose (4 soft-gels one hour prior to sexual activity), I actually had the worse performance issues I’ve ever experienced. Very disappointing.
I’m in my mid-40’s and I maintain an active lifestyle, including exercise and watching my diet. Within the last few months however I began experiencing erectile dysfunction issues. I started off trying various over the counter supplements and none of them had any positive effect other than making me feel like I was geeked up on caffeine. Libido-Max didn’t even do that. Maybe I’m one of the unlucky few that the ingredient, Ashwagandha powder, actually has a negative sexual effect on? Who knows. I just hope I can get my money back. I would give this product ZERO stars if not for the ‘Satisfaction GUARANTEED’ offer of a refund. I will post an update on whether or not Applied Nutrition processes a full refund for me.

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NFors | May 12, 2013

Im 43 used this stuff for > 3yrs. WORKS. Better than gas station variety herbals in that they give me headaches and rapid HR at times. This product does the trick for sure but no side for me. I would rank it up with Enzyte in effectiveness but without side effects. Playboy mag puts out $3 off coupon for this stuff, btw.

Yes, I recommend this product

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william from NC | September 2, 2012
Unexpected results

After a definite decline in my Testosterone levels at age 44, and problems gaining and keeping erections. A loss of muscle tone, even though I do very physical labor. After trying several bodybuilding supplements sold in many stores and online, I decided to try Libido max because it was much cheaper than the other suppliments I Had tried. THIS STUFF WORKS! It seems to have the same ingredients as all the others but they must be better quality or included in a more useful fashion. I feel more like a man in general since taking them. Dont have to take E.D. meds anymore, which were an absolute neccesity for almost two years. I have much better muscle definition as well. I am a little more “edgy” which should be expected with an increase in Test. levels. I initially took 1 to 2 a day but found that the best results are coming from about 8 a day, spaced out over the day. In my opinion, this supplement is much better than synthetic test. supplements because it causes your own body to produce more Test. and does not as the synthetics do, cause your body to stop producing completely. Libido max is the REAL DEAL! I am very impressed as is my fiancee’ ;)

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